Izette Griesel Inspires Next Generation at #StandTall Clinic

In the past few years that Telkom has been the premium partner of Netball South Africa, it has been nothing but immense opportunities of growth for both Telkom and Netball South Africa (NSA).

The past few months has proven that the telecommunications company’s partnership with NSA strives to make a difference in communities. By partnering up with Spar Proteas’ as part of their #STANDTALL campaign, Telkom has shifted focus onto empowering grassroot potential. Heading into communities and inspiring young players with netball clinics hosted by the Spar Proteas players.

Khanyisa Chawane and Spar Proteas’ captain, Bongiwe Msomi were two other Stand Tall ambassadors who already hosted successful clinics in their respective provinces.

Izette Griesel got the opportunity to host the final clinic at Nellmapius Secondary School in Tshwane.

Speaking to Griesel at the clinic she expressed how she was able to declare this clinic a success, “I was actually with Tshina (Gauteng Fireball player who also hosted a clinic) when she hosted a clinic which was great for me so that I can see how she runs things and just the vibe of everything. Also how Telkom expects it to go. So that was great for me to just get the feel of things. That also lead me to great planning so I could see what’s going to happen and how it will work out.”

With the 2023 Netball World Cup being around the corner, these clinics were also an opportunity to bring awareness to communities as a build up to the World Cup. “There is an excitement for each clinic. All of these small things bring attention to the World Cup and it makes it feel more real and that it is literally around the corner,” she said.

The Jaguars player explained that this experience has proven how privileged she is after seeing the conditions that some youngsters have to play under.

“Arriving at this school this morning, I was actually shocked if I have to be honest with you. Walking on this court, there were no lines and the posts were not up,” Griesel said.

Griesel concluded by expressing that this is where Telkom’s initiative steps in. “It links to Telkom’s #StandTall campaign. It doesn’t matter what challenges you face. It doesn’t matter what kit you have. I mean some of these girls were actually in socks, but it did not matter to them. They just love the sport, it doesn’t stop them. They just kept standing tall to show that it doesn’t matter what happens around them.”

Photo 1 Caption: Izette Griesel at Nellmapius Secondary School hosting the #StandTall Netball Clinic. Photo: gsport / Karabo Peter

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