It’s hard
to say goodbye, but at the same time, it is important to know when to say
goodbye. When my partner and I launched this gsport…for Girls! initiative back
in August 2006, it felt like I had given birth. How appropriate that in saying
goodbye to gsport, I can actually look forward to the joys of motherhood.

 I am
happily pregnant and looking forward to this new and exciting turn my life has
taken. I’ve lived a selfish life to date, in that I got to realize my dream of
becoming a cricket commentator. Thinking back, its one of the scariest things I
have ever done. The fact that it happened while I was in my twenties says a lot
about my carefree attitude at the time.

Sport is my
life… I get so much happiness out of working within the South African sporting
landscape and contributing to the game in some way. Day in and day out, I have
the pleasure of working with amazing individuals who are contributing to sport
in their own way. It gives me goose bumps, just thinking about it…

distinctly remember the advice I received around the time I left my position at
SAfm as host of their weekday evening sports show, Gameplan to launch gsport,
people warned me it was the wrong thing to do, and said I would regret it.

inside me told me to go ahead and just do it! It felt right and I felt a sense
of responsibility to contribute to the growth of women’s sport in the way I
knew how, through the media.

I have
enjoyed every moment with the initiative and I have learnt so much about being
a better person through the stories we have unearthed about amazing women who
are living their best lives and making a difference.

It’s taken
a lot of courage to make this decision to take a break from gsport because it’s
been such a fulfilling experience, but its time to focus on my new role as a
mother. Its going to be a scary yet exciting time which is sure to bring the
most incredible joy into my life…

 I am confident gsport’s Managing Editor, Ryk Meiring, will continue the great work of this initative. 

supporting gsport… It’s what keeps this initiative alive and well!


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