#Limitless Internship Programme – Jermaine’s experience at Levergy

The Limitless internship programme forms part of the #Limitless initiative, which was introduced by Sasol and SAFA in May 2018. Through this programme, football players like myself are given an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in the working environment. 

Myself and fellow Banyana Banyana teammate, Bontle Mashilo, applied for the internship and went through an interview process, where our knowledge and ambition were put to the test. 

The selection was also based on the type of careers we would like to pursue in the future, which in my case it’s marketing and in Bontle’s case, Sports Management. Bontle and I will spend three months at leading marketing agency; Levergy, Sasol and SAFA respectively, allowing us to work on a wide range of clients and projects. 

“Sasol has truly given us the opportunity to be #Limitless, allowing us to change the perception of what society believes a footballer should be and giving us a platform to inspire young girls to follow their dreams.” – Sasol and Safa Limitless intern Jermaine Seoposenwe

I think Bontle and I are of the same sentiment, that the opportunity to learn and grow in our respective crafts is the most important part of the internship for us, and that is exactly what we get to do here at Levergy.  

During my time at Levergy thus far, I’ve worked on everything from activations to collecting data, marketing to social media, which has given me such a variety of learning opportunities and has also helped me understand the different facets that go into each project.  I’ve already learned things like time management, client relations and overall acquiring good communication skills.                                                                                                       

A lot of trust has been put in Bontle and myself, which also places a lot of responsibility on our shoulders. We are held at quite a high regard because we are setting the precedent for the Limitless internship. It’s important that we leave a lasting impression on everyone we come across. 

My approach to everyday is to be like a sponge and just absorb everything that happens in the office, during meetings and at events. – Jermaine Seoposenwe

It’s so important that I learn from both the good and the bad, because I get to understand what could have worked better, rectify and make recommendations. 

I’m really enjoying the whole process because it’s pretty challenging to balance it all, but extremely rewarding at the same time. I get to experience things holistically especially when it comes to the partnership between Sasol and SAFA. The potential to grow the game is massive and you actually get to see just how much work Sasol puts into the brand that is Banyana Banyana.

While I already have several take-aways, I can honestly say that the people I work with, and the Levergy culture will definitely leave a lasting impression. 

“Levergy’s approach to their work and how they’ve embraced the arrival of both Bontle and I is great.” – Jermaine Seoposenwe 

It’s only been two months but we already feel like we are part of the Levergy family. They have really taken us under their wings and showed us the ropes of the industry and for that I will forever be grateful. 

As sportswomen, we need to realise and understand that football is not a lifetime career and the money that one makes during that time will not last forever. I therefore believe that it is important for us and our compatriots to explore other opportunities outside of football.


Photo 1 caption: JVW and Banyana Banyana striker Jermaine Seoposenwe has landed a plum intern with Sasol #Limitless campaign agency, Levergy. Photo: Supplied

Photo 2 caption: Seoposenwe and Banyana Banyana teammate Bontle Mashilo will spend three months at leading marketing agency; Levergy, Sasol and SAFA respectively, allowing them to work on a wide range of clients and projects. Photo: Supplied


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