Lizanne’s Singles, Kelly’s Doubles

by | Feb 12, 2007

Lizanne du Plessis has won the 2007 Gauteng North Womens Singles Open, after Kelly Anderson challenged the winner to a three-set duel. Picture: Reg CaldecottKelly Anderson will be thinking that two out of three is not so bad, but her doubles partner was the victor between the two in the Gauteng North Dunslaz Open in Pretoria on Saturday, though Lizanne du Plessis had to gather herself after Anderson levelled the match at a set each, before winning in three sets.

“The last time I played against her was five years ago. I didn’t know if I was going to win or not,  so I just went on to the court just to do my best,” du Plessis told gsport on Monday.

“The first set was really tough, like 1-0, 1-1, and luckily I got that set after playing very well. The second set, Kelly didn’t actually play better, it was just me making more mistakes, and I just let my game drop a bit.

“My focus just went off a bit in the second set, and in the third set, I just told myself I’m just going to have to push through. I got my game up there again, and got more confidence in my shots.

“I was actually pretty solid, and I think she started making more errors, because she didn’t know where to hit the ball where I’m very weak, so I forced her into making unforced errors. I was playing very well, and she just couldn’t play her game, I think."

The talented SA Open champion who has given up modelling in Italy to focus on her tennis acknowledges that the road ahead will require more of the same: “I won a little bit of money, but it was quite important for me to win this tournament, for the Fed Club tour this year,” says du Plessis.

For du Plessis, the year has just started, and her immediate on-court obligations are taking centre stage, as she’ll be up against some of the world’s most talented in the next two months.

“At the end of February, I’ll be going to Israel for a few tournaments over there, and then I’ll maybe go to play in Dubai to train for one week, and then play a few tournaments there.”

And the standard of the Gauteng North Dunslaz Open: “I think (the tournament) was actually pretty well organised, and they are saying next year it be even more stronger, but it was good!"

But Kelly Anderson has shown her true fighting colours, winning the remaining two finals that she qualified for, first in the Women’s Doubles with Lizanne du Plessis, when the pair beat the Tegan Edwaards / Sonja Vidas combitaion in straight sets.

Also on Saturday, she teamed up with mixed-doubles partner Gareth Greenwood, and she was again crowned champion after they beat the pairing of Dawie Eybers and Bianca Swanepoel in a spirited three-set final.

Results of the Gauteng North Dunslaz Open
Groenkloof Tennis Stadium; Saturday, 10 February 2007.

1-Lizanne du Plessis bt 3-Kelly Anderson 7-5 1-6 6-2

Lizaane du Plessis/Kelly Anderson bt Tegan Edwards/Sonja Vidas 6-2 6-2

Mixed Doubles:
Gareth Greenwood/Kelly Anderson bt Dawie Eybers/Bianca Swanepoel 6-3 3-6 7-5

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