Marisa to Make History at IESF’s 10th Esports World Champs

by | Sep 24, 2018

Marisa van der Westhuizen will make history at such IESF’s 10th World Championships – Kaohsuing as she will be the first ever female team captain of a Counter-Strike: GO® team at World Championship level.

Marisa follows in the footsteps of Maryke Kennard who blazed the way in 2015. Marisa is consolidating on, and is building on, such gains to create greater equality for females in esports.

Although the esports title of CounterStrike: GO® was only introduced by IESF to into World Championships in 2016, Mind Sports South Africa has promoted such esports title in all Provincial and National championships since the game was published.

Thus, MSSA jumped at the opportunity to enter its national team in 2016, and on the back of the experience learned at IeSF’s 2016 World Championships – Jakarta, and IESF’s 2017 World Championships – Busan, MSSA has again entered a team to contest the CounterStrike: GO® title.

The team is indeed ‘battle-hardened’ and will have to do battle against very tough competition and under Marisa’s guidance and leadership, MSSA is convinced that the team will do its best.

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