#MediaAdvice: How to Break into the Sport Media Space

Sports journalist and broadcaster, Mbali Sigidi, shares tips on how to break into the sport media space. Photo: Mbali Sigidi (Instagram)

Former Momentum gsport Awards winners, Hloni Mtimkulu, Mbali Sigidi and Itumeleng Banda, share practical advice for young women to overcome challenges and succeed in the sport media space.

The world of sport is rapidly evolving as women and young girls are making strides to take up space in the industry.

Speaking on pursuing a career in the field, 2019 Momentum gsport Awards Woman in TV winner and eNCA sport reporter, Hloni Mtimkulu, says: “Have a strong why. The industry can be fickle and isn’t as glamorous as it may look, so make sure you are in it for the right reasons.”

Mtimkulu further explains the various parts of the media space, saying: “Explore the different worlds of sport media – there’s traditional media: TV, radio, print, digital reporting, and journalism; but there’s also marketing, communications, and working for a federation, etc. Explore all your options and do not limit yourself.”

As a vibrant, inspiring and rising star, 2020 Momentum gsport Awards Woman in Radio winner, Itumeleng Banda, believes in the art of networking to grow your presence in the industry.

“Networking is vital simply because it aids you in forming new relationships with different people who are within the industry. This normally makes it easy to have information and ideas shared with you. No man is an island and that’s what the power of networking proves.”

It is also important to hard work and maintain persistence, two key factors which #gsport16 Public Choice winner, Mbali Sigidi, preaches: “Do not be afraid to start from the bottom.

“I find the bottom often gives you the best perspective. I started at a community TV channel, Soweto TV, and I was trained to be a journalist and news anchor. Never take campus stations or community mediums for granted, they often are the best training ground, as they have room for error and growth.”

Along the way as challenges creep in and out of your career, Sigidi concludes that it plays a vital part on your journey to success: “Failure is just that, failure! It’s not definite nor does it define you. Believe in your ability and remember that mistakes will happen but try to always look at the glass half full. Forgive yourself quickly, move on quickly because it’s not about how start, but how you finish.”


Photo 1 Caption: Sports journalist and broadcaster, Mbali Sigidi, shares tips on how to break into the sport media space. Photo: Mbali Sigidi (Instagram)

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