Meisieskool Oranje Win Challenge

by | May 20, 2007

Isabel Fichardt (right) with her winning Meisieskool Oranje junior tennis team. Picture courtesy Meisieskool Oranje.
In the lead-up to her annual Tennis competition in Bloemfontein, Amanda Coetzer’s former junior girls tennis team has won the ABSA/Resolution Health Challenge.

Meisieskool Oranje finished a clear 6 points ahead of their closest rivals, the Clarendon Primary School, on 85 and 79 points respectively.
Hosts Meisieskool Oranje stood out by avoiding defeat in any of their five rounds against rivals Outeniqua LS, Eikestad LS, Gene Louw LS, Clarendon PS or Menlopark.
Results of the ABSA/ Resolution Health Challenge, hosted by Meisieskool Oranje, played at Meisieskool Oranje, Bloemfontein, on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th May 2007:

First Round:
MS Oranje bt Gene Louw LS 13-10
Eikestad LS bt LS Menlopark 20-4
Outeniqua LS bt Claredon PS 18-5
Second Round:
MS Oranje bt LS Menlopark 23-1
Gene Louw LS bt Outeniqua LS 13-10
Eikestad LS bt Claredon PS 15-8
Third Round:
MS Oranje bt Outeniqua LS 14-9
Eikestad LS bt Gene Louw LS 15-8
Clarendon PS bt Menlopark 22-1

Fourth Round:
MS Oranje bt Eikestad LS 19-3
Clarendon PS bt Gene Louw LS 17-5
Outeniqua LS bt Menlopark 18-6

Fifth Round:
MS Oranje bt Clarendon PS 16-7
Gene Louw LS bt Menlopark 22-2
Outeniqua LS bt Eikestad LS 15-8

Final Standings:
MS Oranje – 85 points
Clarendon PS – 79 points
Gene Louw LS – 58 points
Outeniqua LS – 57 points
Eikestad LS – 54 points
Menlopark – 14 points

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