U/19 SA Schools Netball championship Gold medal winners, Menlopark, pictured after winning the tournament on Saturday, 4 August, 2012. Photo: Supplied

Pretoria’s Hoërskool Menlopark emerged victors on the final day of the annual National Schools Netball Championships hosted by Hoërskool Dr E G in Boksburg, while Rustenburg claimed silver ahead Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool claiming bronze.

Drawn against eventual bronze-medallists, Welkom’s AHMS in the semi-finals, Menlopark edged AHMP 25-20 in a closely-matched semi-final to claim the 2012 bragging rights, in the popular annual SA Schools Netball tournament, in Boksburg.

In the silver-medal match, Rustenberg emerged the stronger for a narrow 24-22 victory over Eldoraign

More than 125 schools contested the U19 SASN tournament, an affiliate member of Netball South Africa.

The tournament will be used by selectors to determine which U15 teams will go to Singapore for an international tournament at the end of the year, in addition to another squad of players who will be visiting Dubai early in 2013.

SA Schools Netball invited SPAR National Netball player Erin Burger and gsport Founder Kass Naidoo to say a few words to the accomplished schools netball stars on Friday, and both were very complimentary of the girls’ having achieved such distinction, and encouraged them to make the most of it.


Final Results at the U/19 SA Schools Netball Championships, at Hoërskool Dr E G Jansen, in Boksburg, on Saturday, 4 August, 2012:
Gold: Menlopark
Silver: Rustenburg
Bronze: Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool
Semi-Finals of the the U/19 SA Schools Netball Championships:
Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool 20-25 Menlopark
Eldoraign 22-24 Rustenburg
Potch Volkskool 15-2 Waterkloof
Marais Viljoen 16-27 Paarl Girls
Stellenberg 20-15 Potch Gim
Potch Gim 25-20 Ben Vorster
Diamantveld 17-28 Duineveld
Brits 9-35 Sentraal
HTS Middelburg 30-12 Brandwag
Tom Naude 9-28 Middelburg
Day 2 Results at the U/19 SA Schools Netball Championships, at Hoërskool Dr E G Jansen, in Boksburg, on Saturday, 4 August, 2012:
Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool 27-15 Potch Volksskool
Marais Viljoen 23-35 Eldoraign
Menlopark 19-20 Waterkloof
Paarl Girls High 21-23 Rustenburg
Stellenberg 21-16 Diamantveld
Ben Vorster 24-23 Duineveld
Potch Gim 32-12 Brits
Sentraal 21-27 Voortrekker
HTS Middelburg 43-10 Ridgepark
Brandwag 20-17 Cambridge
Day 1 Results at the U/19 SA Schools Netball Championships, at Hoërskool Dr E G Jansen, in Boksburg, on Friday, 3 August, 2012:
Rustenburg 31-6 Hebron
Rustenburg 22-15 Stellenberg
AHMP 23-13 HTS Middelburg
AHMP 30-9 Danville
Voortrekker 17-10 Danville
HTS Middelburg 30-4 Hebron
Potch Volksskool 38-3 Ridge Park
Potch Volksskool 17-17 Diamantveld
Marais Viljoen 18-19 Ben Vorster
Marais Viljoen 60-4 Ridge Park
Brandwag 23-19 Diamantveld
Ben Vorster 21-20 Brandwag
Potch Gim 31-16 Nylstroom
Potch Gim 21-18 Duineveld
Menlopark 46-4 Kiriyatswane
Eldoraign 37-19 Nylstroom
Cambridge 18-7 Kiriyatswane
Waterkloof 28-11 Middelburg
Sentraal 36-3 Tom Naude
Paarl Girls High 26-13 Brits
Rustenburg 27-20 Voortrekker
Rustenburg 30-16 HTS Middelburg
AHMP 37-9 Hebron 9
AHMP 29-13 Voortrekker
Voortrekker 30-22 Stellenberg
HTS Middelburg 25-11 Danville
Stellenberg 49-4 Hebron
Stellenberg 29-16 Danville
Potch Volkskool 26-13 Brandwag
Potch Volkskool 25-20 Ben Vorster
Marais Viljoen 35-21 Brandwag 21
Marais Viljoen 21-17 Diamantveld
Ben Vorster 44-5 Ridge Park
Diamantveld 44-9 Ridge Park
Menlopark 40-13 Nylstroom
Menlopark 30-14 Duineveld
Eldoraign 24-22 Potch Gim
Eldoraign 43-11 Cambridge
Eldoraign 44-8 Kiriyatswane
Nylstroom 22-20 Cambridge
Duineveld 42-9 Kiriyatswane
Brits 17-15 Tom Naude
Brits 17-15 Middelburg
Waterkloof 31-8 Brits
Waterkloof 31-9 Tom Naude
Sentraal 28-12 Middelburg
Sentraal 21-21 Paarl Gim
Paarl Gim 46-6 Tom Naude
Waterkloof 20-13 Sentraal
Paarl Gim 25-7 Middelburg
AHMP 23-16 Rustenburg
Danville 23-7 Hebron
Stellenberg 24-9 Middelburg
Menlopark 32-24 Eldoraign
Rustenburg 29-14 Danville
Voortrekker 27-8 Hebron
AHMP 27-9 Stellenberg
Potch Gim 43-6 Kiriyatswane
Menlopark 41-9 Cambridge
Duineveld 35-10 Nylstroom