Mmogo Modisakeng Encourages Unearthing Untold Stories to Advance Women’s Sport

With SA celebrating Youth Month, broadcaster Mmogo Modisakeng emphasises the importance of storytelling and digging deep for unique stories in order to grow and advance women’s sport. All Photos: Supplied

There’s a new kid on the block in Durban, a digital radio station named Voice on the Move, which is where you will find Mmogo Modisakeng, a talented and passionate sport anchor delivering sports news on their breakfast weekly from 06:00 to 09:00. 

Modisakeng’s journey in sport broadcasting started when she was a student at ETA College, and needed to find a company that would host her as a 2nd year student.

“I remember I had a friend who was a presenter at Durban Youth Radio, and I would often visit the studios. I got exposed to the radio broadcast side of life, and began to gain an interest. From there on, I met the sports editor at the time – Nkululeko Dladla, who I then spoke to about possibly being in the sports team to learn the ins and outs of sport production and broadcast. 

“After countless conversations with the Sport Editor I was granted an opportunity to become part of the “SportUnlocked” team at Durban Youth Radio.”

Digital Radio’s New Kid on the Block, Mmogo Modisakeng

The brand-new station is the first of its kind to be broadcast through – not one but – two taxi industry apps, Moja Cruise Chat and TDS Chat AppVM Radio. It not only focuses on the taxi industry, but also the commuters who travel across South Africa every day.

Breaking into the media industry is no child’s play for black women, the obstacles are greater. Despite the skill and knowledge of the game, doubting a woman’s capabilities is still the order of the day. 

“‘You’re a female, you wouldn’t understand’- this is something I have heard a lot in my journeying into sport, as well as feeling the constant need to prove yourself. I have struggled with a lack of belief from counterparts, and that eventually makes work twice as hard, because my work could be questioned at some point.” 

“Another challenge has been support from corporate because women in sport “don’t take bring in enough numbers” for them to consider solid sponsorship over an extended period of time.”

South Africa celebrates 30 years of democracy. In these 30 years women have shattered the glass ceiling making huge strides and putting the country’s flag on the map. In broadcasting too, the likes of Cynthia Chaka paved the way for young, black woman like Mmogo Modisakeng to be able to access opportunities that were once closed to women and more for women of colour. 

“I personally do not think we have made adequate progress, we are definitely not where we should be. We still have quite a long way to go, but it is refreshing to feel and notice the shift when it comes to the support women in sport continue to receive. 

“I would really love to see this support reach its peak and women in sport are at a level where their sporting careers only – are able to feed and sustain a home.”

Modisakeng has also established a Sport PR and Marketing Brand called Sports Muxury. 

“Sports Muxury is Sport PR and Marketing Brand that merges into a media house that hosts podcasts on sport lifestyle. Established in 2017 ,Our aim has always been to inform, educate and promote the diversity of the world of sport and its valuable segments and huge pool of careers. 

“We provide services such as Media Representation and PR Development for companies and individuals merging into the sporting field as well as social media development and management. This baby was developed from an urge to extend more understanding into sports and how a career can be made of this because at some point, no one understood why I even went to go into studying sports and my dream was to continue to show them why – and that is what fires the dream and passion behind Sports Muxury.”

She believes the media still has a critical role to play in advancing women’s sport. “Let’s look and publish/broadcast more underground stories. We need to remember the importance of storytelling from all levels and how it can put more individuals on the map, how it can make them known. 

“I feel as media we sometimes go for stories that are mainstream and miss stories that deserve profiling and this makes the masses also follow what has been shared, but we really need to create a stronger culture of digging deep and being different in this space, that will allow originality and of course more profiling that promotes fair coverage across all sports, for most athletes.”

As she grows as a broadcaster and all-round media practitioner, Modisakeng counts working with the Betway SA20 as one of her career highlights. “There have been many, but for what I can hint now, it has to be working with athletes and developing relationships with them that make reaching out to them a lot easier.”

“That for me is a form of trust which is needed in our space and gaining that trust has to be my biggest achievement besides working with big brands. Betway SA20 has to be my favourite. (My peeps know this LOL). In the future, I would like to have my own studios where I am able to develop more talented individuals that would love to be in sport broadcasting. That is my ultimate dream and we are very well working towards that, one step at a time.”

As it is Youth Month in South Africa, the future of broadcasting Modisakeng wishes that young women get exposed to more opportunities. 

“I wish for more opportunity for young women, for them to be supported from an early age to begin this, so that by the time they reach the age I am at now, they have established a great deal of confidence and a good portfolio to reference at all times.”

Her advice for the youth: “Whatever you do, always show up, the world will not wait for you to be okay. Always make sure you are up to date and reliable, in this field, anything and everything can happen, and for that you will always have to stay ready. Another important thing is to create a respectable brand and live for it, breathe it, eat it!!!”

Photo Caption: With SA celebrating Youth Month, broadcaster Mmogo Modisakeng emphasises the importance of storytelling and digging deep for unique stories in order to grow and advance women’s sport. All Photos: Supplied

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