Morizane Boyes has announced that she is going to contest MSSA‘s presidency.

Morizane first started as an athlete, but such was her belief in how eSports could benefit her learners, Morizane quickly established a club at the school at which she is an educator, HTS Witbank.

Wanting to do more, and not shying away from work, Morizane stood for the position of ‘Women’s Desk’ on MSSA’s Management Board.

With a perfect attendance, and not ever having missed a single vote, Morizane has fought for the rights of women within MSSA and has spearheaded most of the motions that have made MSSA’s championships more gender friendly.

Moreover, under Morizane’s watch, there have been more opportunities for women to qualify for national teams.

Morizane has a list of achievements that would make most people envious of her, such as:

Becoming South Africa’s first female national umpire,
Becoming South Africa’s first internationally recognised umpire,
Being awarded Protea Colours for eSports in 2014,
Officiated at three online international test matches (Austria, Zimbabwe, andGhana),
Won the 2013 SPAR Volunteer of the Year Award,
Won MSSA’s Mind Sports Person of the Year Award in 2014,
Won MSSA’s Volunteer of the Year Awards in 2015, and
Having served a full term on MSSA’s Management Board.

There is no doubt that Morizane Boyes is more than capable of heading MSSA, and has a proven track record of being a hard negotiator when dealing with SRSA.

Morizane Boyes has been nominated by BNKR.