The 2020 Momentum gsport Awards was the most glitzy event put together in gsport’s history and it took a glam squad of note to get everyone Red Carpet ready.

I know for sure that when the gsport awards are around the corner I always get into that slight panic mode that I’m sure you can relate to: “What will I wear?”, “This is the only time in the year I get to really, really dress up, so I have to make it count?” This a glimpse of what goes on in my head when it’s time to hit the red carpet.

Sometimes putting together the perfect red-carpet look feels like an art that only a person with a glam squad or the A-list celebrity can master. We as ladies (celebrity or not) have a lot of “important looks” throughout our lives, we have guides and planners for most of them, so why not the red carpet too?

Fashion should be a form of escapism, not a form of imprisonment.” Alexander McQueen

I’ve since learnt that channelling and summoning all my gods of style and gathering all the latest magazines has not made deciding how I will approach the walk of style any easier.

So, after a successful #gsport15, I decided to call on esteemed gsport gurus to give us some tips and tricks on owning that carpet and ultimately make things easy when it is your time to shine.

2020 Momentum gsport Awards style star Zinhle Ndawonde is certainly deserving of the recognition. On the night of the Awards she looked nothing short of amazing! The effortlessly gorgeous Ndawonde shared tips and tricks for the next time you need to hit the red carpet.

“Firstly, I think matching of shoes and nails. This has always been classic and never goes out of style. I choose yellow nails and shoes because it’s the bright colours that immediately leave a statement the moment you walk into an event, it grabs attention.”

Hair – An up style or short hair is always perfect with cocktail dresses because it shows off your facial features: cheekbone, collarbone etc.

Weaves tend to hide facial features at times. Yes, if you have long hair or a love long weave, remember to style it to complement your look.

Dress – My go to trick: always choose a very simple but unique dress. Simplicity done right is always elegant and the dress’ uniqueness will ensure that you stand out. A simple white glitter coloured dress, like the one I wore at gsport15, doesn’t make much noise but makes and leaves a statement. You will obviously remember to choose a dress that accentuates and complements your body type and that which you would love to flaunt. If you’ve got it…Accessories – You will also notice that I didn’t have a neckpiece, it would have diverted the attention from my face. Sometimes accessorizing less is better.

Winner of the #gsport15 Woman in Social Media Jo Prins looked breathtaking in a slick, multi-coloured gown. Her long hair in a loose curl at the tips was perfectly styled to suit her dress. How did she get it so right and what pointers can she give us?


1. It’s your moment to enjoy and to not take it or yourself too seriously.
2. Do all your prep & self-care (exfoliate, mask, shave, ect.) the evening before
3. Make sure you’re comfortable before you head out
4. Practice your poses beforehand in the mirror so you ready to hit the carpet
5. Just relax. Be present. And enjoy your moment. Shine like the star that you are!

#gsport15 Red-carpet Presenter and one of gsport’s most decorated winners Rachel Makhura has always hit the right notes on the red carpet. Her gsport trophy cabinet includes a Style Star accolade making Makhura a definite go-to person for tips on style:

Rachel Makhura pictured at the 2020 Momentum gsport Awards at Vision View Productions in Johannesburg. Makhura hosted the Red Carpet on the night. Photo: gsport

Rachel Makhura pictured at the 2020 Momentum gsport Awards at Vision View Productions in Johannesburg. Makhura hosted the Red Carpet on the night. Photo: gsport

“I love the red carpet. I think people who attend red carpet events must honour it. It is always important to me to look the part; as former gsport Style Star winner. Also, I want to see more sports women dress up and put more effort when attending the gsport Awards. You don’t need a whole glam squad. NO! You just need the right outfit, and the confidence to pull it off. And remember to always be camera ready.”

Just Tonight Josephine dressed all the guests and finalists at #gsport15, making sure no one misses a beat . EVERYONE looked like their gowns were sown on and for their bodies. Lynn, the owner of Just Tonight Josephine, is the plug (as said on Twitter).

“I have always been passionate about fashion and helping others to look and feel their best. The Just Tonight Josephine team aims to provide our clients with on-trend dresses and suits with accessories of exceptional quality. This ensures that our clients feel confident and proud in whatever they wear.

Because the fashion industry is an ever-changing one, we at Just Tonight Josephine are always adding new suits, dresses and accessories to our collection.”

Check out their website

So ultimately my take from these tips is that the red-carpet is not meant to intimidate you but rather is a chance for you to shine. Once you’ve found that dress, own it. Iris Apfel said it best: “I say, dress to please yourself. Listen to your inner muse and take a chance. Wear something that says, “Here I am!”

See you at the #gsport16 red carpet 😉


Photo 1 Caption: Estee Lauder Style Star, winner Zinhle Ndawonde, pictured on the Red Carpet of the 2020 Momentum gsport Awards in Johannesburg on Monday, 31 August 2020. Photo: gsport