Nkomo, Naidoo and Aphane Battle It Out for the Woman in Social Media Crown

Social Media guru’s Jessica Nkomo, Norika Naidoo and Potso Aphane battle it out for the Woman in Social Media accolade at the 2022 Momentum gsport Awards.

All three finalists fit the category description of a woman who creates powerful online content about South African women in sport and demonstrates a convincing edge using Social Media.

One cannot speak of women’s football without mentioning Jessica Nkomo who is affectionately known as “Aunty Diski” amongst footballer supporters. She has been one the biggest voices and advocates for women’s football.

Nkomo admitted to be feeling overwhelmed as she features as a finalist at this year’s awards.

“This news has been fulfilling to me and what it means to me is simply grace upon grace. Hard work eventually pays off,” she admitted.

“To be nominated for such an award by one of the greatest platforms that gives exposure and brand visibility for women in sport just speaks so much volume to me and I am so excited beyond explanation. I cannot find the perfect adjective to describe it.”

“I want to give a shoutout to gsport4girls because they have given a foundation to a lot of women in sport, they have given a voice to a lot of us and they have opened doors of opportunities and they are expanding the industry and the kind of work that they do. Getting recognition from them truly matters a lot.”

YouTuber, Norika Naidoo, who travelled to Morocco to show support to Banyana Banyana and learn more about women’s football described being a finalist as the reassurance that she needed with regards to her contribution towards women in sport.

“It’s a bit surprising, honestly, but a good surprise. I had Tweeted a while back that someone should nominate me or The Bench (our YouTube channel) but I didn’t expect anyone to take my Tweet seriously. Apparently, they did, which is great. The nomination and being a finalist is reassuring and validation that what we’re doing is the right thing and people are enjoying the content.

“I am constantly posting and resharing information on Social Media around women’s sport. We try to talk about achievements or updates on our YouTube channel. I always try to engage in conversations with people over social media around women’s sport. I think thats the most important part for me, I’m passionate about sport and I think that relays in the conversations (sometimes arguments) I have through social media, which sparks interest in others to go “I’m actually going to watch the Women’s World Cup”.”

Speaking about her hopes for the women’s game, Naidoo mentioned equal pay: “Equal pay for women is important. Also, it should be more accessible, meaning that I should be able to easily switch on the telly and watch women’s sport as we do with men’s sport.”

Naidoo further mentioned Banyana Banyana’s WAFCON triumph as one of her biggest highlights in sport.

“Banyana winning WAFCON, easily! I literally put my money where my mouth was and took myself to Morocco. I still can’t talk about it without wanting to cry.”

Media coverage for women’s sport has increased and one of the people who has contributed to that is Potso Aphane who constantly raises the profile of women in sport.

A jubilant Aphane said that she is motivated to do even more.

“To make it as a finalist in one of the sport awards that I’ve been following for so many years and always wanted to be a part of, is more than a dream come true for me. I am overwhelmed, I feel blessed and really joyful to know that what I do is seen & appreciated. I am now even more motivated and charged up to keep on keeping on with the work that I am doing.”

Aphane further hailed gsport for the work that they are doing to close the visibility gab.

“The Momentum gsport Awards recognises women in sport for the strides that they are taking and that for me is legendary. Without gsport women wouldn’t be recognised or honoured for their bravery and excellence in their respective sporting codes. The awards gives women more reasons to step up their games and challenge the status quo.”

Above being grateful to be a finalist Aphane believes going on to win the award would allow her to connect more with women in sport.

“To win this award will mean that I am in the right space and that what I do is making a difference in the sport industry, more especially in the women’s sport community. Being a finalist has already motivated me to look deeper into what I do, I am motivated to do more now and to keep on keeping on. Winning this award is the opportunity that will allow me to get to know more women in the industry and connect with them, to work together and create spaces that will allow us to thrive.”

In 2021, cricket broadcaster Lesego Pooe walked away with the Woman in Social Media award.

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