am feeling personally challenged this year to make some lifestyle choices that
when implemented, I believe will cause me to rise to new heights and achieve
what may once have seemed the impossible. Every choice has a price though, and
mine will be discipline in the areas of body, soul and spirit.

am I talking about? I believe that with the New Year just unfolding, we each
have an opportunity to re-assess our goals, not just for our sporting disciplines,
but also for life (body, soul and spirit) and especially for the year ahead. Perhaps
some of you have already set the customary New Year resolutions…. And perhaps
some have already even broken them.

2007 we discussed Passion and the three key elements that I believe make up
action. I now wish to explore the ideas of perspective, balance and dedication.
It may seem at first glance that the two, balance and dedication, may
contradict each other since dedication has often lead to certain driven
personalities to become obsessed and extreme. This is a very dangerous place to
be in as it will only lead to eventual burnout and failure.

am assuming that most of you have already set goals and plans for your sport.
Some of you have been visualising your success and some have even begun to
cultivate the right attitudes toward your training and competition. Now I want
to challenge you to assess your life as a whole.

your sporting career may be your priority for now, it won’t be forever. Each
one of us must at some point move on. There is much more to life than mere
sport and thus a mature and balanced view of your entire life and the way
forward could prove most valuable in the long run.

you may need to be totally dedicated toward achieving the goals you set in 2007,
you also must look beyond the immediate and gain perspective for the future.
This will enable you to handle both your successes and failures during 2008,
(and there will be a little of both), with grace and patience.

when we enjoy our victories with grace and work through our defeats with
patience, can we truly learn, grow and live out our potential.

believe that when one has a balanced perspective on your life and sport, you
are truly able to train with total dedication through the good and bad times,
because you know it is only for a season in your life and a mere part of who
you are, not the whole you.

are too many stories of athletes who base their entire self worth on their
sporting achievements and careers. When the times of defeat or even retirement
comes, they are ill equipped to handle their situations and futures and
unfortunately give up prematurely on sport or in extreme cases, life.

this. There is a future beyond sport. If you will live each day to the full,
appreciating and seeing it for what it is, you will gain a balanced perspective
and ultimately enjoy true success.

2008 be your best year ever and may you find purpose in every day as you seek
to life out your full potential. Happy New Year!


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