Poor Refereeing Costs Banyana

With further concern about unfair refereeing to SA’s detriment, Banyana Banyana return from Angola having lost the first leg of their home-and away qualification process for participation in Algeria’s All Africa Games with everything to play for on the 4 February, in Pretoria.

FIFA’s Fran Hilton-Smith, assisting former Bafana hero and now Banyana Banyana head coach Augustine Makalakalane, took gsport’s call, and answered some tough questions.

How did the match go, what was the result?

Final result 3-2 to Angola…

Who were the scorers, how did the match progress?

Angola scored two quick goals in the first half, 5th minute, 11th minute, break-away goals, and then we equalised, scored a very good goal by captain Portia Modise, and then a second excellent goal by Memory Makhanye.

Where those both in the first half?

Yeah, in the first half, and then just before the end of the first half, there was a penalty given against us, for a foul that in our opinion was outside the 18-yard box, but the referee gave a penalty, which gave a score 3-2.

And that’s how the score remained, there were no goals in the second half.

Late into the second half our goalkeeper was red-carded, for a tackle which we also felt was not really (warranted), so she was sent off, and we’d made all our substitutions, so we had to take one of our defenders into the goals, who actually had a brilliant performance as a goalkeeper.

Shocking refereeing as usual, the referee from DR Congo, who cost us World-Cup qualification at U20 level with their bad refereeing, and these one were just the same, you know, they never blow for any infringement on our players, but blow for anything infringement on the other team.

Are you saying it was biased refereeing?

Yeah, absolutely, it’s a problem we always have in Africa, you know, it’s clear that the African countries don’t particularly favour South Africa, and the refereeing is always atrocious, when we play, it’s just a common fact of playing in Africa…

Nevertheless, they scored the goals, we didn’t, so it means when they come to us, we play on the 4th (February 2007), we have to beat them…

We can draw, because the goals away count double, so that’s in our favour, but we have to beat them at home, because, it’s only one match qualification for the (Algerian) All Africa Games, and this is it, you have to win the game to go to the All Africa Games (in June, 2007).

Fran, are you happy with me printing that the refereeing was biased?

Yeah, sure, absolutely!

Are you going to take it further?

No, it’s useless, we’ve tried that before. It’s pointless, you know. You don’t have much success with that, so…

I mean, you can write a letter, which we often do, but there’s never much recourse.

Who does the letter go to, to CAF?


How does coach Augustine Makalakalane feel about his new caps?

Ah, some of them did very well, obviously for them it’s a very big stage, most of them have never played at this level, so it was a really big stage for them.

But one or two of the ones, he feels did exceptionally well, and clearly there’s a lot of hope for them.

But he’ll have to think about that issue too, for the next game, you know. But they certainly did well, specifically the girl Phakama Duru, had a very very good performance.

What position was she playing?

Right wing.

It’s a short time to the next game now, it’s two weeks, right?

Yeah, we play on the fourth at the Caledonian Stadium, in Pretoria.

Do we expect to see any squad changes? What about Itumeleng (Chimeloane)?

Yeah, absolutely, Itumeleng will be back, it’s unfortunate that she was writing a critical exam, she’s at University, and she was writing a critical exam, that’s why we couldn’t use her.

But now, we definitely will use her, she’s our number 1 goalkeeper.

And what about the pitch, the crowd, what were the conditions?

Ah, very good pitch, long grass, very long thick grass which made it hard to push the ball, but really, otherwise, fine… Very good crowd support, very vocal…

What would you estimate the crowds at?

Yeah, very good crowd, about fifteen thousand, it’s a huge crowd, in the big citadel, the main stadium, it’s an eighty-thousand seater.

Do we get good crowds like that, for our games?

Yeah, normally Banyana attracts very good crowds, Banyana has a habit of attracting very good crowds. We expect a full house at the Caledonian.

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