SA Squash Doubles Champ Results

by | Feb 27, 2007

De Beers SA National Squash Doubles Championships
Johannesburg, Results: First Round:

A Section:
1-D Argyle/S Le Roux bt I van Buynder/S Ferreira 3-0
2-F Fenner/V Doeg bt S Tricker/B Hill Jowett 3-0
S Fritz/C Willoughby bt P Dollenberg/S Wakeford 3-2

P Atkinson/D Argyle bt C Haynes/L Jordaan 3-0
D Helwick/ N Helwick bt C Grainger/S Wakeford 3-1
C van der Wath/F Fenner bt G Plumstead/S Tricker 3-1
G Schnehage/B Myers bt M Tootill/I van Buynder 3-1

B Section:
T Le Roux/M Aucamp bt A Pretorius/F McLean-Wilson 3-2
J Sawyer/C Tucker bt C van Rie/C Strauss 3-0

G de Souza/S Mellor bt D Bennett/A Bennett 3-2
A Illing/M Wentzel bt G Sunsdstrom/A Snyman 3-2
W Morris/K Morris bt M Kaminski/D Ingersent 3/2
D Wilson/C Strauss bt D Sawtelle/T Tyson 3/2

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