SA Vets Tennis Results

by | May 29, 2007

The South African Veterans Tennis Association 50 and 55+ Inter-Provincial Tournament, 27 May to 2 June 2007, in Durban.

Day 1 – Results:

50+ “A” Cup
Gauteng Central “A”  bt  Boland “A”  15-10
Kwazulu-Natal “A”  bt  Eastern Province “A”  20-2
Gauteng North “A”  bt  NW Province “A”  18-5

50+ “B” Cup
Kwazulu-Natal “B”  bt  Limpopo “A”  17-7
Gauteng North “B”  bt  Boland “B”  17-6
Free State “A”  bt  Eastern Province “B”  17-6
Gauteng Central “B”  bt  Mpumalanga “A”  16-4

50+ Shield
Kwazulu-Natal “A”  b t  South Western Districts “A”  15-9
Mpumalanga “A”  bt  NW Province “A”  12-11
Western Province “A”  bt  Border “A”  16-6
Free State “A”  bt  Gauteng Central “A”  13-8

55+ “A” Cup
Gauteng North “A   bt  Western Province “A”  13-10
Free State “A”  bt  South Western Districts “A”  16-5
Kwazulu-Natal “A”  bt  Eastern Province “A”  17-6
Gauteng East “A”  bt  Gauteng Central “A”  15-12

55+ “B” Cup
Gauteng North “B”  bt  Western Province “B”  14-9
Mpumalanga “A”  bt  Kwazulu-Natal “B”13-8

55+ Shield
Border “A”  bt  Mpumalanga “A”  15-10
Free State “A”  bt  Limpopo “A”  17-8
Boland “A”  bt  Namibia “A”  18-4  

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