Samantha “SomeOtherGirl” Kahumbu is Proof that Gaming Transcends Gender

Kenya’s Samantha Njeri Kahumbu - popularly known as ‘SomeOtherGirl’ - is carving her path in a world still very much male dominated, eSports. She started playing FIFA (Now EA Sports FC) in 2019 and is now a gamer, content creator and streamer. All photos: Supplied

Kenyan Samantha Njeri Kahumbu, popularly known as SomeOtherGirl started gaming when she was 8 years old, when her parents gave her and her siblings their old PlayStation, and it became a hobby that she shared with my siblings. “We would always try out new games from GTA, to Minecraft, to The Sims, anything we could get our hands on.” Since then Samantha has never looked back. 

“I started playing FIFA (Now EA Sports FC) in 2019 because I grew up playing football and I wanted to merge my two favourite hobbies. It is the first game where I started playing online ranked games in Ultimate Team (in 2020) and that is where my eSports journey started.”

As eSports sees incredible growth in Africa, Kenya is also part of the steady rise and “SomeOtherGirl” is a proud representative that has battled for Kenya in a FIFA Ultimate Team friendly against a fellow gamer girl from Ghana where she prevailed victorious. 

“Gaming has been around in Kenya for a couple of years. It has only recently started gaining mainstream attention and becoming a viable career path. Kenya has been represented in various international eSports tournaments, including eLigue 1 (FIFA),  FIFA eNations, the Commonwealth eSports Championship 2022, and Afro-Arab eSports League (Valorant).”

Samantha also confirms that more girls are picking up the gaming controller: “mainly because various games are available for gamers of all levels and backgrounds. It is no longer seen as just for the boys or a hobby for lazy people. Gamer girls are also becoming more prominent in the gaming scene in Africa especially, which encourages young girls to start gaming.”

 eSports is of course known for its big cash prizes, together with the incredibly successful Twitch, which offers gamers another opportunity to make an income. A platform Samantha has joined as she flourishes in this new world of eSport.

“Twitch allows you to livestream your gameplay for anyone to watch. It is excellent for building a reputation and rapport with other gamers. Once you become an Affiliate on Twitch, you can start making money as a streamer. Streaming doesn’t require a huge setup and fancy overlays; they are nice to have, but you can start small by sharing your gameplay screen only. If you can stream with a webcam on, that is even better.” 

Such platforms will probably assist girl gamers grow their profile but also their pocket. An empowerment necessary for females to not only grow in the sport but for more to be attracted to gaming. 

Njeri also wishes for more girls and women to join eSports. “I want to see more young girls participating in the gaming community at all levels, from casual gaming to content creation to eSports. I would particularly love for more girls to play EA Sports FC because it is the game that got me into eSports, and there are many opportunities for girls who can play FC.” 

Now based in Cape Town, Samantha keeps honing her gaming prowess and hopes to assist future gaming girls navigate this exciting yet sometimes intimidating world of gaming. “Over the past year, I have focused more on content creation, and I would love to continue growing in that aspect. I see myself guiding future content creators in the future, helping them start out and figure out their career path in eSports.”

If this article has inspired you to pick up a controller and test the eSports water, Njeri gives us a quick guide to starting the process. “As a future eSports athlete, I recommend that you take part in local tournaments for the games you are best at; this will help you practice while also making a name for yourself within the local eSports community. 

“Suppose you do not have access to regional tournaments. In that case, most games offer in-game tournaments, or you can find them through online communities. In between tournaments, keep your skills sharp by playing an online ranked mode and aiming for the highest rank possible (for example, if you play FC24, you can play Seasons or Ultimate Team Champions Finals).”

To support “SomeOtherGirl” and her endeavours in gaming, click here to follow her on Instagram and help her grow as a content creator in gaming.

Photo Caption: Kenya’s Samantha Njeri Kahumbu – popularly known as ‘SomeOtherGirl’ – is carving her path in a world still very much male dominated, eSports. She started playing FIFA (Now EA Sports FC)  in 2019 and is now a gamer, content creator and streamer. All photos: Supplied

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