At every Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) Regional, Provincial, and National LAN Championship, the umpires decide on who shall receive the sportsmanship award. At the end of the year, the winners of such awards are then considered to see who is the winner of the annual Sportsmanship Award (Dorian Love Trophy) as awarded at MSSA’s Annual General Meeting.

Some years it is easy, and other years it is extremely hard to determine who should receive the award.

MSSA’s 2018 North West Championships gave the umpires an almost near impossible task. as so many Registered Players exhibited the very best of sportsmanship.

The result of the combined effect, was a championship that proved to be most enjoyable.

However, only one could walk away with the award.

Eventually the umpires came to common conclusion.

It was clear that Saudah Bhaimia shone out above the rest.

Thus the umpires, with one voice, unanimously agreed to award Saudah Bhaimia the 2018 North West Sportsmanship Award.

There is no doubt that Saudah represents the very best in gaming, as throughout the championship her fair and generous behaviour remained unchanged.

Saudah is an asset to hers family, school, province, and esports.