Schoeman Stuns with Record Seventh Tour Title

by | Mar 11, 2013

Anriëtte Schoeman raises her hands in delight as she crosses the Eite Wome’s finish line first to record a record seventh title, at the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour 2013 in Cape Town, on Sunday, 10 March, 2013. Photo: Karin Schermbrucker

Anriëtte Schoeman (Team Mecer) surprised even herself when she won an incredible seventh the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour title, in a last-gasp victory at the finish line. Schoeman said it was a wonderful day and a completely unexpected win.

“My strategy was simply to stay upright; I stayed with the front group but never really thought I’d win it. It was only about 1.5km before the finish line that things tipped in my favour. Despite it being windy, the race organisers deserve a medal for a truly inspiring ride.”

Schoeman held off a strong challenge from Cherise Taylor (Team USN) and veteran rider Jennie Stenerhag (Team Focus), while last year’s winner Ashleigh Pasio (Team Momentum Toyota) claimed fifth, behind Briton Catherine Williamson (Team Bizhub-fcf).

An estimated 34 500 cyclists lined up at the start on Hertzog Boulevard on Sunday morning to take part in the 36th iteration of the world’s largest timed bicycle race.

This year’s race was remarkable for its return to Muizenberg Main Road, after several years of the winding and twisting Boyes Drive.

“While riders experienced mild winds along some sections of the route, today offered near-perfect conditions for the race,” said David Bellairs, director of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust.

“We are extremely pleased with the great turnout for today’s event, and would like to thank each and every rider, volunteer and spectator for making this a memorable event. See you all next year!”


Leading Elite Women’s Race Results at the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour, in Cape Town on Sunday, 10 March, 2013;
1. Anriëtte Schoeman (Team Mecer) (02:52:51)
2. Cherise Stander (Team USN) (02:52:51)
3. Jennie Stenerhag (Team Focus) (02:52:51)
4. Catherine Williamson (Team Bizhub-fcf) (02:52:51)
5. Ashleigh Moolman (Team Momentum Toyota) (02:53:00)


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