Sharks Trail Adventure Success

Winner of the women's title in the 40km MTB Half Marathon, Brenda Potts, sails across one of the river crossings in the Stihl Sharks Trail Adventure. Jetline Action Photo/ Gameplan Media

Brenda Potts and Meg MacKenzie, together with well over 1000 mountain biking and trail running enthusiasts, set the newly cut trails of the Stihl Sharks Trail Adventure ablaze on Sunday 9 December as they cantered to victory in the 40km MTB Half Marathon and 18km Trail Adventure races respectively.

Against the magnificent backdrop of the Summerveld Estate in Shongweni, participants set off in warm and dry conditions and enjoyed the wide variety of activities on offer.

Potts won the 40km MTB Half Marathon ahead of Andrea de Boer and Bronwyn Evans.

MacKenzie won the 18km Trail Run, Renita Denissen was second with Pat Damman in third.

Summary of Results
Stihl Sharks Trail Adventure
40km – Women

1.Brenda Potts 2:16.24

2.Andrea de Boer 2:18.59

3.Bronwyn Evans 2:27.36

Trail Run
 18km – Women

1.Meg MacKenzie 1:28.52

2.Renitia Denissen 1:40.57

3.Pat Dammann 1:48.08

9km –Women

1.Natasha Hartman 54.05

2.Daniella Marshall 55.44

3.Philippa Brebner 57.27


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