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by | Oct 31, 2006

Okay, so you want to bat like Jacques Kallis, bowl like Makhaya Ntini, and field like AB. What are you waiting for?

There is no better time than summer to learn how to play cricket; on the beach, in your backyard, or during the lunch break at a Test Match.


Former South African international Kerri Laing is chairperson of Cricket South Africa’s Women’s Cricket Committee, and gsport asked her to share some tips for beginners.

Here are her answers to our questions.

Why play cricket?
Cricket is a fun game which can be a great leveler, one day you can score a hundred and the next day you could be out first ball.

How to learn?
Most people seem to have done the playing in the garden with the whole family since they were five scenario, also watching how the game is played on TV, Bakers Mini cricket is also a good start. 

At youth or beginners level most of the kit should be supplied, as they get older players gain a preference for specific brand or type of equipment.

Age to start?
The sooner the better, as soon as you can hold a bat!

If someone hasn’t played sport before, would you recommend cricket?
Definitely, being out in the sun, running around and as I said before it is great fun and a excellent leveler.

How does one decide whether to be a bowler or batsman?
This all depends on what you are best at doing or what you enjoy doing the most and work hard at it.

How different is women’s cricket from the men’s game?
A little bit slower with regards the pace of the game as well as the pace of the bowlers, girls or ladies often don’t hit the ball as hard as guys (but some do !!!!!)

Most provinces have at least 4 clubs playing in their leagues, some part of men’s clubs and others not. Best to phone provincial union nearest to you.

How fit do you have to be?
When you are young it doesn’t seem to seem that important, but the older and the higher level that you play the fitter you have to be.

Advice for beginners?
Go out there and play cricket, you will catch the bug quickly and get enjoyment for life.

Know the rules!
Top cricketers often stress the importance of getting the basics right. Find out more about how to play cricket at the website.

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