Delaine Mentoor’s Madibaz Sport Recognition

2021 gsport Coach of the Year and SA Women’s Water Polo team head coach, Delaine Mentoor, has been recognised by the Nelson Mandela University for her global success in 2021. Photo: Nelson Mandela University (Facebook)

2021 gsport Coach of the Year, Delaine Mentoor, recognised by Nelson Mandela University for the success she earned on the global stage in 2021. @Madibaz_Sport #SheOwnsHerSuccess #gsportGlobal

Eloise Webb’s Impressive Sporting Résumé

Springbok Women’s fullback Eloise Webb, an all-round athlete boasting cricket, javelin and netball cred, talks about rugby as a professional athlete. Photo: Supplied

Springbok Women’s fullback, Eloise Webb, is an all-round athlete boasting national colours in cricket and javelin, not to mention major cred in netball, and talks about choosing rugby as a professional athlete.

How Rugby Changed Aseza Hele’s Life

2019 SA Rugby Women’s Achiever of the Year, Aseza Hele, believes she is a new person on and off the field due to playing rugby. She chats about how she stumbled across the sport.