The growth of the number of female gamers in the Tekken 7 esports title shows great promise for future years.

South Africa has done well in international competitions in Tekken 7, especially by those female gamers who all represented South Africa with grace, sportsmanship, and skill. One only has to think back to Lyrene Kűhn (2012 and 2013) and Morizane Boyes (2014) who achieved great results for South Africa.

Going into MSSA’s 32nd South African Championships, Yu-Hsien Lin of North West University – Vaal was the top-ranked player.

However, a new athlete entered the fray. That is the wonderful thing about sport, no-one, and no position, is safe. You are only as good as your last match. Sport is the greatest test of character and skill since every athlete cannot let up for a moment.

Chiney Wallace demonstrated her skill and won the female division for the Tekken 7 esports title.

Her skill levels displayed are among the best in the country, and she won with charm and good grace.

Such is her skill level, Chiney is also ranked 5th in the country in the overall rankings, and is the only female to ever to have been ranked in the top 5 in the country.