The ABCs of Monetizing Your Social Media With Kea Motlokwa

Social Media plays a massive role in building brands and businesses and we felt that it’s a perfect time to get assistance. And what better person to rope in for a quick masterclass on our Tuesday IG Live. Host of the gsport16 Awards Kea Motlokwa calls herself a multi-preneur and its safe to say that she has mastered the art of monetizing her social media.

“I don’t think women in sport are capitalizing on how far they can they can take their digital footprint as brands but there are quite a number of them who are doing well and taking advantage of the fact the digital space gives you access to a global market.”

“It’s important to highlight that women in sport are finding their voice, though it hasn’t been easy. It has taken decades for women to stand on platforms and be proud of the work they do. When you expect them to quickly get into the new trend, the new success that exposes them to millions of people it’s impossible to do it over night.”

However, with the right techniques and execution, you can start to see benefits from your social media work nearly immediately.

Some athletes realize that social media is a powerful tool to help them with exposure and funding. However, they don’t see a clear correlation between the number of followers and Rands in their bank account.

“Doing social media right has a lot of benefits, it increases your support base, your fan base as a whole, you are no longer limited to just the people that watch you play.”

To get going and to start with the basics of cleaning up your current account, according to Kea the first place to start is to decide which part of your life you decide to share on social media.

Two, clean up your bio and make sure that it’s in line with what you post. “how you describe yourself on the bio says a lot about who you are and it gives guidance to the content that follows on your timeline.”

Brands sponsor athletes because:

  • Brand: Improve their image in the eyes of fans and other participants.
  • Sales: Increase sales through improved exposure to new fans and athletes.
  • Community and PR: Create a buzz about their brand providing inspiration, entertainment, or new connections with their target audience by showing they are socially aware.
  • Product Testing: Provide proof their product is effective by connecting the athlete’s performance with their product or service.
  • Personal Touch: Provide a face to their brand to become more engaging and acceptable.

Kea also emphasized the importance of consistency in your identity on the different social media platforms, “If you maintain one identity it makes it easier for you to build, people can easily access you.”

When companies choose the right athletes with the right persona, they can connect with their audience on a far more personal level. In turn, they can meet their goals whether it is brand awareness, increased sales, or something more personal such as improving their sense of corporate social responsibility.

“Brands want to know that if they put something on your platform, they are able to access the market they are targeting or they reach their return on investment,” says Kea.

For more on the interview click here to watch on @gsport4girls on Instagram

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