Visual Performance and Skills Sport Scientist, Dr Sherylle Calder, originator of the high-tech programme EyeGym, an online software visual training component. Photo: Supplied

Visual Performance and Skills Sport Scientist, Dr. Sherylle Calder, is in big demand, as athletes around the world aim to make the best use of their eyes on the field.

Dr. Calder, who won the 2011 gsport Woman of the Year award, is working with a host of local and international athletes and teams, including the Brumbies, South African Netball, Dutch Olympics, Elite Golfers, School Projects, Dunlop Junior Tennis players, SA Equestrian squad, Marsha Marescia, Sanani Mangisa, Richard Levi, JP Duminy, Dane Vilas and Bryan Habana.

Speaking to gsport recently, just before jetting off to assist the Dutch Olympics team, who she has worked with for the past two years, Dr. Calder said: “It’s been a great 2012 so far – started on the 1st of January when I flew to Canada to work with an International Aerial Ski team.

“I arrived back on the Sunday and went to Kenako Golf and Sports Academy in George to work with young golfers. And from there things just rolled into a couple of golf tournaments, Volvo Champions at Fancourt and a couple of PGA tournaments in the USA. We also opened a new office at SAS in Stellenbosch – our Head office is still at SSISA.”

Dr. Calder devised the high-tech EyeGym solution, an online software visual training program.

She says: “EyeGym is a research based training programme which has proven to simulate how you use your vision and execute your skills and decision making on the field of play – it also simulates and trains the ability to make effective decisions under pressure – in essence it accelerates your performance and gives you an edge.

Sanani Mangisa from the Investec SA Women’s Hockey team said: “EyeGym gives me the opportunity to train what is so often neglected, our eyes. We pay attention to mental and physical strength but forget the eyes, which are so important. EyeGym gives me the much needed edge.


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