2006 December Style Star: Margaret Van Der Westhuizen

by | Nov 27, 2006

We got to know her as “Mad Mags” on the very first edition of Big Brother South Africa.

Since then, the energetic Durbanite has gone from tomboy to madam, and in the process is having the time of her life.

Margaret van der Westhuizen was one of the fans’ favourites in BB1. Her laugh, her attitude, her confidence; it screamed star quality, which Mags has loads of.

From reality TV contestant to model to radio DJ, to well known eventing company Thokoza Events, Mags is making the most out of life.

What makes her even more irresistible is that she is hot to trot! Introducing our style star for December…

the fan’s favourite, Margaret van der Westhuizen.

What’s life been like since Big Brother?

Well it’s been 5 ½ years since my stint in the house, so life after BB has been fast and exciting!  I can certainly say I’m living out my dream and loving every moment of it!

Many contestants faded away since BB1, why has it been different for you? I get asked this all the time, and I think the only answer is…if its in your heart, if it is in your blood, and if its what you dream, then that’s what creates staying power – it has NOT been an easy road and the industry is extremely cut throat, but that just makes you want it more! It’s not for sissies!

How did you land up working for East Coast Radio?

I had met Damon (my on-air partner) at my BB press conference where he landed up being my lifesaver in the midst of serious press criticism!  We met up for drinks after that and well the rest they say is history…we have been working together on-air for four and a half years already!

gsport’s theme for December is Celebration. How does Mags celebrate?

With my immediate friends and family – an extremely up market venue loads of decorations (very over the top), food, drinks and little prezzies for everyone when they arrive and when they leave – I do this a lot to celebrate contracts I have won, endorsement deals and most of all birthdays and religious dates.

Its very important to me that I make a fuss over special events, cos I think we more often than not get caught up in our own lives and daily events and we forget to take notice of the finer things that make us most excited!

What is your favourite sport?

Whew – that’s tough.  I love my horse riding (I’m crazy about horses) I enjoy mountain biking and I love a run on the beach…but my fav sport to watch is F1.

Who is your favourite sports star?

Michael Schumacher!

How would you define your style?

My style matches my mood – edgy sophistication!

Where do you shop for clothes?

I am the brand ambassador for the HUB in KZN – I get a healthy allowance for my clothing indulgence every month which allows me to shop my heart out and accessorize to my fashions content.

What’s the strangest outfit you’ve ever worn?

Mmmmmm – I wore the Britney Spears “I’m a slave for you” outfit to a banquet and I thought I looked great, but when I look back not I cringe at how it just didn’t fit with the theme…

What is your favourite item of clothing?

Oooo tough –  it will have to be my cerise pink 50’s dress which was made and designed by Terrence Bray for my cerise pink birthday party this year!

Who are your favourite South African designers?

I am a Terrence Bray junkie, he just knows my body so well and what works for me!  Gideon, well his designs speak for themselves (and he is a wonderful person) and then Mark and Michael in JHB who used to dress me when I was living there…

Who is your style icon?

Style icon, hmmmm, I’m not really into that. But, I’m going to go with Gwen Stefani, for her way-out killer taste that just seems to work no matter what.

gsport strives to celebrate femininity. How would you describe femininity?

Living in your skin! Love what you are, embrace what you do and never take anything for granted!

What are your music tastes?

Eish – being a radio DJ that’s quite a question – I love anything from Sting to Louis Prima to Greenday – so pretty much everything.

What is your favourite food?

Hawaiian pizza.

Star Sign?


Favourite actors?

Orlando Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney – Ladies Catherine Zeta Jones and Charlize Theron.

Favourite colour?


Advice for aspiring radio DJs?

If you want it go get it – hard work and perseverance pays off!!!

Still to achieve?

A family.  The rest…I’m not telling!



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