2007 December Woman in Media: Hendrien Grové

by | Dec 1, 2007

Grové has been with pay channel SuperSport since 2001 and it’s her passion for
sport that has seen her move up the ranks in the male dominated environment of
sports broadcasting. Her many roles at SuperSport include being an insert
producer/presenter for local tennis events, a behind-the-scenes presenter for
the popular cricket show, Inside Edge, and
she also enjoys profiling top South African athletes.



Hendrien Grové seen here presenting on the SuperSport Update channel, which she describes as her “big break” on TV.

Grové has been with pay channel SuperSport since 2001 and it’s her passion for
sport that has seen her move up the ranks in the male dominated environment of
sports broadcasting. Her many roles at SuperSport include being an insert
producer/presenter for local tennis events, a behind-the-scenes presenter for
the popular cricket show, Inside Edge, and
she also enjoys profiling top South African athletes.

This pretty
31-year-old blonde is aware of the stereotypical attitudes that still exist
regarding women in sport but she prefers to concentrate on her career and work
towards her ultimate goal – her very own TV sports show!

Hendrien is
the daughter of renowned South African cricket commentator, Kotie Grové, but
she is not prepared to ride on his coat tails, but would rather make her dreams
come true through sheer hard work and determination.

self-confessed cricket and swimming fan says she admires Sky Sports presenter, Georgie
Thompson BBC Sport’s Gaby Logan, because "they are not shy to express their femininity".

Hendrien, who
lives in Johannesburg, but would prefer to reside
in Bloemfontein,
has had many career highlights over the years, having been given the
opportunity to work on a host of major events.

Her big break
came as one of the anchors of SuperSport’s former 24-hour channel, SuperSport
Update. She also had the privilege of hosting the ABSA/SA Rugby Player of the
Year Awards Banquet back in 2005.

Grové interviews South Africa’s star swimmer, Ryk Neethling, who also happens to be one of her favourite sports personalities.

whose role models are Angelina Jolie and Madonna, advises young women who want
to break into sports broadcasting to be sure of what they want before they set
out to conquer the industry.

gsport’s 2007 December Woman in Media, sports fanatic Hendrien Grové!

Hendrien, how long have you worked at SuperSport and how did
you become a regular face on the channel?

I started
working at SuperSport in 2001. I literally worked my way up through the ranks.
Started off as a production assistant, then became a production manager,
assistant producer & studio director and finally a producer and presenter.

Which programs are you involved with and in what

Currently, I
am an insert producer/presenter for all local tennis events – I believe it’s
important to promote the so-called minority sport in the country as well. I
also work for the weekly cricket show called Inside Edge – focusing mostly on
the "behind-the-scenes" aspects of the cricket world.  I also do regular player profiles on our
countries top athletes, and of course I wait…hoping that more opportunities
would come round.

What did you do before joining SuperSport? 

Grové, who is the daughter of acclaimed cricket commentator, Kotie Grové, joined SuperSport back in 2001, and has worked her way up the ranks through sheer hard work and dedication.

I finished my
Communication Science diploma at the Vaal Triangle Technikon and also started
my TV career. I worked for Broadcast Services, a production facility company – my
job was to keep the scores of live TV sport events and later, I generated the
graphics for these events.

What do you enjoy most about sports broadcasting?

I love sport…
so its wonderful being a part of something you really have a passion for..

How do you see your role as a presenter? What message
do you try to put across when you’re on screen?

I believe
that every sports personality has a story to tell… so therefore the most
important thing for me as a presenter is to make sure that he or she actually
gets the opportunity to TELL the story. 
I think presenters very often like hearing their own voices more than
that of the interviewee.  I try and make
sure at all times that I don’t fall into that trap.

Who are some of the sports broadcasters you admire
and why?

I have always
been the biggest fan of Georgie Thompson on SKY SPORTS News and Gaby Logan of
BBC Sport.. – they are not shy to express there femininity ah! and then there
is Suzy Perry who is the face of MotoGP on the BBC – she rocks in her
miniskirts and boots on the grid.  And
Sue Barker was truly outstanding as the anchor of the BBC’s live coverage of Wimbledon.

How does it feel to have a dad who is a famous
cricket commentator and how much has he assisted you in your career?

My dad
introduced me to the wonderful wicked world of television.  I was always "Kotie’s little daughter" ..but
lately people refer to him as "Hendrien’s dad" – not too sure if he likes that
J heh-heh!!

What have been the biggest challenges you have faced
as a woman in sports broadcasting and how have you overcome them?

The biggest
challenge is to banish the perception that females do not have any credibility
in the world of sport.  If you are not
given the opportunity, you can’t prove that you can do the job!  And it doesn’t mean that if you make sure you
look attractive on air you don’t know what you’re talking about!!

One of Grové’s many highlights include hosting the 2005 SA Rugby Awards, with SuperSport colleague Tony Ndoro.

What have been some of your career highlights?

I’ve had the
wonderful experience of working behind the scenes on many live sports events – loads
and loads of domestic cricket and rugby matches – and also studio events such
as The Rugby World Cup, Cricket World Cup and the Olympic Games.  Magazine Shows include Superrugby, All Out
Rugby, Boots ‘n All, SuperCycling and Extra Cover.

As a
presenter highlights would include anchoring the magazine show Superswimmer,
the 2006 Commonwealth Games, this year’s French Open, and travelling to the
green lawns of Wimbledon as

Although I
would much rather be asking sports-related questions I am glad I took the opportunity
to interview the crowds during our local PRO20
series -I’m amazed at how the concept has just taken off. 

But my big
break was probably anchoring many of the SuperSport Update bulletins on the
channel’s former 24-hour channel.  I also
cherish the night I anchored the 2005 Annual Rugby Awards.

What is the best advice you’ve received?

My dad once
said: there are two things that determine whether you are a good presenter or
not: (1) At the end of the interview one should remember the person that was
interviewed rather than the presenter and (2) you need to feel like you’ve
gotten to know the person being interviewed. 
It’s always worked for me.

Which are your favourite sports and why?

Grové with the man in her life, South African cricketer, Cliffie Deacon.

I love
cricket because I grew up in a home where my dad literally breathed cricket: he
always jokingly said that my mom knows cricket comes first and she is second in
J.  (Understanding and
loving the game helps a lot though… the man in my life is a cricketer and I
spend a lot of hours next to the field. I always feel so sorry for the
girlfriends who have to sit through a game even though they don’t enjoy

And then
there is swimming -Why? I spoke to my good friend Ryk Neethling every week in
the build-up to the 2004 Olympics.  I
knew how hard they worked to make their relay-dream come true and to watch them
win in Athens
was phenomenal. The list goes on and on: Track and Field, Tennis, Rugby, F1….

Tell us about your favourite sports stars and what
you like about them?

I admire all
sportsman and -woman who accept that succeeding simply means that you need to
be the best you can be…

How do you keep fit?

Weee….llll – I
go through phases when I am a total fitness freak making sure I go to the gym
every single day and then there will be times when I just don’t go to the gym
at all… but I don’t put pressure on myself: when I go I go, but if I don’t, I
don’t feel guilty about it.

When you do find time in your busy schedule, how do

Lie in the SA
sun in summer!  And lie in the European
sun during the SA winter!

gsport strives to celebrate femininity. How would you
define femininity and what role does it play in your life?

Be confident
about who you are.  Every woman should
establish what she needs to gain that confidence (some need to dress up, some
need to where make-up, some need to excel in their careers, some need to have a
house full of kids).  Whatever it might
be find it! and then I truly believe femininity will come naturally to all

What inspires you?

I am inspired
by people who stay true to themselves in their quest for success.

Grové seen here celebrating Christmas with her family, an experience she’s looking forward to again this festive season.

gsport’s theme for December is CELEBRATION. How do
you plan to celebrate this festive season?

It is going
to be out of this world!  My whole family
will spend the festive season in Port
Elizabeth (including my man!).  We will have a Christmas lunch with lots of
bling-bling Christmas goodies and there will be cricket to watch the next day
in the friendly city.  And I can’t wait
to buy my 3-year old neighbour, Divine from Zimbabwe, his first Christmas

Who are your role models?

Jolie, because she opened her heart and home to those who have less than she
has.  Madonna… because she did it her way
and she got the top.

What is your advice to women who would like to pursue
a career in sports broadcasting?

I am tempted
to say: DON’T go down that road!  The
reality of it is that in South-Africa women still do not get equal
opportunities in the world of sports broadcasting.  It’s tough out there -so make sure it is
definitely what you want to do before you set out to conquer.

What is your greatest ambition?

My very own
sport show!!  … Keep your eye on the
telly if you want to see what could possibly still unfold !!


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