Abby Solms and Bianca Haw Crowned Dusi Canoe Champs

by | Feb 21, 2022

Overnight leaders Abby Solms and Bianca Haw glided into the Blue Lagoon to win the 2022 MyLife Dusi Canoe Marathon title.

The women’s race had the potential to turn into a tight contest; however Solms and Haw didn’t put a foot wrong on the third and final stage to paddle home to ten minute victory on Saturday, 19 February.

With a six minute buffer going into the final stage, the pair was concerned that they could lose that advantage to the chasing Jordan Peek and Christie Mackenzie and made sure that they didn’t give the chasing pair a chance over the 36 kilometres into Blue Lagoon.

“I couldn’t keep my breakfast down which is unlike me, I love a good breakfast!” Haw said with a laugh after their win.

“They (Peek and Mackenzie) were so strong coming from behind and everyone was saying the pressure was on.

“Day three is so unpredictable with water and the rapids so it was just about keeping a clear head and once we got into the river we just enjoyed the whole process.”

Making sure that they kept up the intensity and speed through Saturday’s final stage was the plan for Solms.

“Yesterday (Friday) there wasn’t too much of a rush but today (Saturday) there was a big sense of urgency,” Solms said.

“We tried to put in an interval after each rapid and make our put in’s and take out’s clean and I think we did exactly that.

“Day one we had such a superb day and that’s where we gained time and then having a steady day yesterday did leave us something left in the tank for today,” Solms added.

After a day one to forget Euro Steel’s Peek and Mackenzie made up for that on stages two and three and were all smiles when they came across the line in second place.

“I cannot complain with our paddle,” Peek said. “We were obviously disappointed with our day one but we had two clean other days which made it worthwhile.

“Today went well; smooth lines, no admin, no swims so we are happy all around.”

The friends have been smiling throughout the race and despite the disappointment of the first stage they have been positive throughout.

“I don’t think I was smiling so much on day one,” Mackenzie said with a laugh. “The build-up was great and our last two days were incredible and it’s so cool to do a tough race like this with a friend.

“It’s awesome to share this experience with Jords and hopefully we can come back in two years’ time and try again!”

It was the Team MyLife pair of Bridgitte Hartley and Pippa McGregor who put in another solid performance on the third stage to take home third and the final spot on the podium.

In the age group contest Cara Waud and Tracey Oellermann were the fastest Under 23 women’s crew.

Jessica Behn and Jenna Goddard were the quickest Junior women’s crew and finished as the second fastest Under 23 crew in the women’s division.

2022 MyLife Dusi Canoe Marathon Stage Three Results:

Overall Women:

1.Abby Solms/Bianca Haw 02:34:08 09:03:47
2.Jordan Peek/Christie Mackenzie 02:38:08 09:14:20
3.Bridgitte Hartley/Pippa McGregor 02:45:30 09:54:05
4.Jenna Nisbet/Nix Birkett 02:46:26 10:03:24
5.Cara Waud/Tracey Oellermann (U23) 02:43:41 10:03:28
6.Jessica Behn/Jenna Goddard (U18) 02:56:57 10:49:51
7.Amy Hulett/Melonie Croeser (U18) 02:55:26 11:03:52
8.Hilary Bruss/Hayley Nixon 04:11:07 11:22:02
9.Sarah Jones/Rachel van Deventer (U18) 03:04:02 11:24:34
10.Jade Dundas-Starr/Tabitha Hulett (U23) 03:04:11 11:40:29

Under 23 Women:

1.Cara Waud/Tracey Oellermann 02:43:41 10:03:28
2.Jessica Behn/Jenna Goddard (U18) 02:56:57 10:49:51
3.Amy Hulett/Melonie Croeser (U18) 02:55:26 11:03:52
4.Sarah Jones/Rachel van Deventer (U18) 03:04:02 11:24:34
5.Jade Dundas-Starr/Tabitha Hulett 03:04:11 11:40:29

Under 18 Women:

1.Jessica Behn/Jenna Goddard 02:56:57 10:49:51
2.Amy Hulett/Melonie Croeser 02:55:26 11:03:52
3.Sarah Jones/Rachel van Deventer 03:04:02 11:24:34


Photo 1 Caption: After three strong days of racing the Team MyLife pair of Abby Solms and Bianca Haw took home the overall women’s honours after the third and final stage of the 2022 MyLife Dusi Canoe Marathon on Saturday, 19 February 2022. Photo: Anthony Grote / Gameplan Media

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