Amanda Pakade meets with Artur Yermolayev to cement ties.

Amanda Pakade meets with Artur Yermolayev to cement ties.

On 8 January 2018 it was reported that Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) had a very succesful meeting with Artur Yermolayev (UESF President) in Cape Town on 5 January 2019.

To further cement the positive relationship between MSSA and Ukranian Esports Federation (UESF), Amanda and Artur met again on 12 January 2019 to further develop upon an already blossoming relationship between the two national federations.

The meeting was held in a jovial manner where Amanda committed MSSA to be supportive towards UESF and to explore other areas of mutual coperation.

In such meeting, MSSA and UESF agreed to allow its national teams to participate in each others National Championships as well as to participate in online test matches on both school and senior level.

With UESF running over 300 events per annum, and MSSA being the oldest esports national federation in the world, such relationship will bear positive results for both.

Photograph: From left to right: Artur Yermolayev (UESF President) and Amanda Pakade (MSSA President).

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