Ashley Nakazwe Weighs in on the Tightly Contested DP WORLD African Woman in Sport Award Category

In the highly anticipated Momentum gsport Awards, all eyes are on the prestigious DP World African Woman in Sport Award category.

With the prestigious event around the corner, sports journalist Ashley Nakazwe has weighed in with her thoughts and predictions. 

“As a Sports Journalist, I am extremely excited about this year’s gsport awards, mainly because a couple of my favourites have been shortlisted,” Nakazwe exclaimed, bubbling with enthusiasm. 

The excitement is palpable as Nakazwe shares her anticipation for the event and the recognition it brings to women in sport.

When asked about the significance of the Momentum gsport awards in celebrating women in sport, Nakazwe explains, “Women in our industry, especially those that work behind the scenes, are rarely acknowledged. gsport celebrating such women, for example, Nono Cele, is admirable.” 

Her words highlight the unyielding dedication to shining a spotlight on the often-overlooked contributions of women in the sporting world.

Reflecting on the impact of the gsport awards on the visibility and recognition of women in sport, Nakazwe says, “The impact has been positive. Speaking for myself, I have only gotten to know some of the Women in Sport in South Africa through their recognition at gsport Awards through the years.”

When asked about the finalists she eagerly anticipates, Nakazwe beams with pride for her friends, saying, “My girl Oarabile (Diphoko) got shortlisted, and I am excited for her as well as Norika (Naidoo), really proud of her, second-time finalist. Her passion and support for Banyana Banyana is incredible.”

Discussing the factors that should be considered when selecting winners, Nakazwe emphasises the importance of valuing the efforts made by women in bettering the sports industry. 

She notes, “Not everyone has access to all the resources in their various departments, and some women who aren’t privileged go the extra mile to contribute to the development of sport through their work. Those should top the list.” Nakazwe also highlights the need for equality and visibility for special needs and disabled athletes, as well as those working behind the scenes.

Nakazwe finds her greatest inspiration in covering women in sport and being a part of the gsport awards. She states, “The stories behind these women, that is what inspires me. It takes a lot to be, and even more so; it takes a lot to be an exceptional woman working in an industry that is still reluctant to accept that women now are fearless in achieving success.”

With high expectations for this year’s awards, Nakazwe is eager to experience the impact of what this year has served so far. As the event draws nearer, Nakazwe leaves us with her prediction for the DP World African Woman in Sport award, firmly placing her bet on Malawi’s Tabitha Chawinga. 

“She is and has been a big force to reckon with, hands down. Her story and career are amazing,” Nakazwe declares, highlighting Chawinga’s dominance in the sporting arena.

As #gsport18 draws nearer, Ashley Nakazwe and other esteemed sports journalists eagerly await the event, the stage is set for a truly memorable celebration of women’s accomplishments in the world of sport.

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