SPAR Proteas captain, Bongi Msomi, shared a special message to encourage South Africans as we are faced with a 21-day nationwide lockdown starting on Friday, 27 March 2020, to limit the spread of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Msomi’s message was shared on the Netball South Africa Facebook page.

“As we are being challenged, and this time around it is all of us at the same time, I have faith that we will grow through this and it will pass. What we are facing is real and requires a lot of respect in calls that are being made to try and minimize the risk we are facing. Great to see most people really doing what’s required, looking after themselves and the people around them if not everybody.

“Let us keep on doing what is right not only for ourselves but for others as well. This tough time is teaching us to care even more and whilst this is all scary and overwhelming, we are still alive, and we should be grateful that we have a chance to change the situation as much we possibly can,” the message read.

“I am keeping well, enjoying my time spent at home, different kind of training and coaching whilst being cautious about COVID-19 and its dangers.

“There is always a positive in everything and whilst we are disappointed with the postponement of our events, the increasing number of infected people every day and being worried and unsure of what the future holds, let’s remember, we still have a chance to make a difference.

“Therefore, let us all unite and by all means, do what is right. Do not be embarrassed or ashamed of putting on that mask, washing your hands as many times, keeping the distance, sharing the precautionary measures with others and staying at home as much as we can. Speedy recovery to all those who are infected.

“And to all athletes who are injured and on rehab, may this time be fruitful in your recovery so you can come back and play the sport you love.

“May God bless us all with wisdom to be ready and equipped for all that lies ahead.”



Photo 1 Caption: SPAR Proteas captain, Bongi Msomi, encourages South Africans to find the positives as we take on a 21-day nationwide lockdown due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Photo: Supplied