Championing Women’s Sport During National Lockdown

by | Mar 26, 2020

It is said that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit and I cannot think of a better time for women in sport to recommit to the journey of success.

We are all facing the austere reality of #LockdownSA for 21 days as SA prepares for the most in efforts to halt the deadly spread of the Coronavirus-19.

But if you are healthy and safe, and have online access, why not think about using this time to do something most athletes rarely have any time for?

I believe in looking on the bright side and, as women in sport, we have been given a golden opportunity to pause, think, reassess and plan the way forward.

We have made many strides over the years and it is time to take it all in. Bask in the efforts put in and the results achieved.

One of the key challenges for women’s sport is attracting  commercial support, especially personal sponsors.

Those who get it right, have a strong brand presence, and that takes years of building.

Yes, you are tops at your sport, but are you good at selling yourself?

Can you thrive a brand ambassador for a leading brand?

Most women in sport will tell you when it comes to brand building, it is not high up on the priority list, because there are other more pressing matters to attend to.

In a national lockdown lasting three weeks, here’s your opportunity to prioritise your brand and use free gsport self publishing tools to enhance your presence in the sporting space.

Register a free membership and load your profile and high res image. Then, start blogging to self-publish to the gsport website, post a free ad in the gsport Classifieds or update the Calendar, especially if new dates are being circulated for events cancelled due to Corona Virus.

Since August 2006, gsport has told the untold story of women’s sport and we plan to continue doing so during these extraordinary times.

As a member of gsport, we encourage you to reach out to us in these times and let us help you uplift your brand and be ready for that big opportunity!

Remember to follow @gsport4girls across social media on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

If you think there is a woman in sport we should be profiling, it is a good time to nudge us to do so ?

Stay positive and keep it moving!



Photo 1 caption: SA Women in Sport: Always too busy training and competing to focus on building your brand? Use these 21 days to build your brand using free self-publishing tools available to all women in sport, at Image: Stock footage

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