Women’s sport in South Africa took off like never before with 2019 being a testament to the statement. Now, it is time to start telling your story as we move into a brand new year and gsport is here to assist you along your journey to owning your success and building your formidable brand.

Attracting sponsors and partners is every woman in sport’s dream but what are you doing to ensure you are part and parcel of the women’s sport ecosystem?

gsport has been telling the story of women’s sport since 2006 to raise the profile of women’s sport in South Africa and encourage better corporate support for our sportswomen.

Over the past year, we have been encouraging you to register a free membership and start building your personal brand through the free self publishing service being offered by gsport.

The free membership allows you to be part of a growing gsport community where you can freely blog, update the women’s sport calendar and post an advert. You can create your FREE account HERE.

If you have further queries or need support to register, please email us [email protected]


Photo 1 Caption: The official gsport4girls logo. gsport is encouraging more South Africa female athletes to start building their brand through the www.gsport.co.za website. Photo: gsport