Breitling Day 4 Report

by | May 27, 2007

The forecast for today was for a little more breeze (10 – 15knots) than the previous 3 days of racing, so we were looking forward to getting a little stretch out of the good ol’ legs.

We had a good 40minute beat out to the start line and we were feeling confident that the boat was going well.
The Pin was slightly favoured but there was no one down there at all as the pressure was coming down the right hand side of the course, we had a very average start and had to tack out rather early and take a huge number of sterns, Penny had a good feeling so we carried on until we were in clear air.
She was right and we had some good pressure which brought us back into the game, Shjoe! 
The course was much longer, so there were plenty of shifts to come back on as well as be on the wrong side of, so one had to be patient.
We might have been trying to do to much and didn’t stay in phase with the fleet, we were caught out on the right when the final shift came in at the top from the left.
We still rounded in the teens, but we were hoping for something better.  We seemed to be battling downwind, we don’t have that edge that we are used too, something to work on for today.  We finished 15th.
The Second race was pretty similar to the first with regards to the breeze, right at the bottom and then left going into the top mark.  We tried to start just under the back on the committee boat, which worked ok, we had good speed but battled with height.
We ended on the left side but in some pressure and still looking good, but then lost our wits and crossed over the entire course on Port to be on the right going into the top mark.
We found it difficult to distinguish between puffs and lulls vs. lifts and headers and kept on seeing pressure where ever we weren’t….! We made some gains going downwind on the right side of the course the first run, but still felt really awkward and a little slow downwind.
We may have had too much vang on, another thing to check for the last race on Sunday. We finished 18th.
Before the third race we changed back to the trusty CD4 jib from North, we all feel more comfortable with it and as the breeze was more down than up, it was definitely the better sail.
We tried again to get close to the pack on the committee boat, but after the first general recall, the black flag was up.  There was another general recall and the race officer had the black board out with all the bow numbers of the boats that were over, it was like waiting for the lotto numbers….. we won.
Home to the harbour for RSA1. Disappointing as I would have liked to see if the change in jibs would have made any difference, and without racing we lost two positions overall, now in 17th.  Only one point behind Japan and 4 points ahead of AUS.
Some work for Sunday.
The Medal race was last night (for the top 10 boats overall), so the final winners have already been decided. Sundays race is only for the rest of the fleet, which feels odd, but a good opportunity for a good result.
Annie and Patrice arrived yesterday for the week end in a hired camper van, our valued supporters to cheers us on for the last race!

Dom, Penny and Kim

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