Breitling Dutch Championships

Team Isigungu Looks to Portugal

Here is the day 5 report of Dominique Provoyeur, from all-girl sailing Team Isigungu, following their completion of the Breitling Dutch Championships:   Today, we woke up to the rustle […]

Breitling Day 5 Report

  Today, we woke up to the rustle in the trees and the dripping rain on the roof, the tension was a little different as there was breeze and the […]

Team Isigungu call from Holland

  gsport has been contacted by all-girl sailing consisting of Dominique Provoyeur, Penny Alison and Kim Rew, who are currently campaigning as Team Isigungu to qualify for the Olympic Games […]

Breitling Day 2 Report

The Forecast for today was even less than yesterday, but still the race officers are adamant to get in the scheduled races with not too much delay.  After a postponement […]

Breitling Day 3 Report

Day 3 of the regatta was much like the first two days, no wind in the morning and gradually by 11am, 4 – 6 knots from everywhere!

Breitling Day 4 Report

The forecast for today was for a little more breeze (10 – 15knots) than the previous 3 days of racing, so we were looking forward to getting a little stretch […]

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