D-Day for Dome2Dome Entries

by | Aug 16, 2007

Riders from all over Africa have confirmed their participation in the PowerAde Dome2Dome Cycling Spectacular, South Africa’s first commercially owned single day event with official UCI ranking. 

This week is D-day for ladies from Africa intending to compete in the Dome2Dome, which takes place on 16 September at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg.
JP van Zyl, the coordinator for the International Cycling Union’s (ICU) development programme in Africa, is very excited about the turn-out, and says that he has received entries from Sierra Leone, the Ivory Coast, Namibia, Mauritius, Algeria and Egypt to race the Dome2Dome.
“It’s quite exciting because quite a few of the riders finished in the top 30 at the World B Championship in Cape Town. I will give the rest of the riders from Africa until the end of the week to let me know if they want to race the Dome2Dome.
“Then I will hold a training camp. That will give me an idea of who the strongest riders are. After this sifting process I think there will around 15 from the group competing in the race," Van Zyl said.
The Dome2Dome holds special appeal for elites this year because, for the first time in South African Cycling history, there is UCI sanctioned one-day race where local and African riders can earn valuable ranking points.
The PowerAde Dome2Dome Cycling Spectacular consists of the following:
* National Classic Cycling Road Race – 116km (Argus Seeding);
* 80 km and 40km Giro La Dome Cycling Kermesse and Mountain bike Kermesse; and
* Toddler and Kiddies Cycling/Running/Walking Race and Play area.
To enter on-line, visit the CycleLab website, and for further information contact Leandro le Roux (2One4 Events): 011 234 6772 or [email protected]

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