Debut Win for Keep at Eston MTB

Young Tiffany Keep rode away to claim the women’s crown at the Eston Farmers Club. The women’s race followed a very different path to the men’s showdown with Titan Racing’s Tiffany Keep dominating the field to claim her first 60km marathon title at Eston.

Keep was forced to ride the 40km marathon in 2018 due to her being a junior, however she proved her worth with a dominant performance.

“I have always enjoyed this race and the route so to now tick it off the list is satisfying!” – Eston Farmers Club 60km Marathon MTB champ, Tiffany Keep

“Lately I have been focusing on the longer stuff so this was a great training ride and leg tester for me.”

Keep put in an early shift which fractured the women’s field and from there she didn’t look back as she powered home to an impressive win.

“Just before the QOM (Queen of the Mountain) there were a few of us together but I put in a burst and won the QOM. From there I just tried to keep on going and see how long I could hold that advantage over the rest of the girls.

“I am really happy that now I can say I’ve won every race at Eston except for the trail runs! I might have to put those into my long term goals,” she laughed.

Hearder and Janse van Rensberg Complete Podium

Five minutes behind Keep was current Quattro ROAG Series, presented by Momentum, series leader Christie-Leigh Hearder and then a further three minutes back was Frances Janse van Rensberg in third.

The aQuellé 40km half marathon was another exciting showdown as Euodia Swart was the first women across the line in the race.

In the Tala 18km Family Ride the juniors tend to fly out of the box and this year was no different. Emily van Heerden impressed and finished sixth overall over the 18km course while Riley Smith was the second girl home in tenth place and Errin Mackridge followed her in third and eleventh overall.

In the 18km trail run it was Nokukhanya Memela who took home the line honours, ahead of Sarah Gray in second.

In the 9km trail run, young Jenna Fyvie was in dominant form as she powered her way to victory in the showdown. Fyvie eventually won the race by just under seven minutes ahead of Bella Hackland in second and Anna Moodley in third.

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Summary of Results – 2019 Illovo Eston Trail Challenge:
1. Tiffany Keep 2:56:21
2. Christie-Leigh Hearder 3:01:28
3. Frances Janse van Rensberg 3:04:47
4. Rouxda Grobler 3:07:35
5. Brenda Potts 3:15:54
6. Landy Puddu 3:20:08
7. Nadine Nunes 3:20:48
8. Claudia Slattery 3:20:53
9. Jean Hackland 3:23:04
10. Tamika Haw 3:24:38

aQuellé 40km Half Marathon:
1. Euodia Swart 2:04:38
2. Sarah Ryan 2:09:22
3. Lindsay Everson 2:11:37
4. Ingrid Flint 2:12:40
5. Camilla Howard-Browne 2:16:12

STIHL 18km Family Ride:
1. Emily van Heerden 52:31
2. Riley Smith 53:47
3. Errin Mackridge 55:05
4. Jodi Mackinnon 59:31
5. Janine McMohan 1:00:06

18km Trail Run:
1. Nokukhanya Memela 01:26:45
2. Sarah Gray 01:27:37
3. Apiwe Gaga 01:29:48
4. Patricia Dammann 01:35:25
5. Roxanne Vale 01:36:42
6. Hayley Mackinnon 01:37:05
7. Vyvekah Lumley 01:39:11
8. Bibi Bassa 01:41:53
9. Vimla Reddy 01:44:03
10. Lindsay Mienie 01:44:10

9km Trail Run:
1. Jenna Fyvie 45:45
2. Bella Hackland 52:10
3. Anna Moodley 52:18
4. Jana Dammann 52:23
5. Chanel Basson 53:07
6. Anneline Erxleben 54:32
7. Lauren de Freitas 54:36
8. Hayley Walker 55:52
9. Silvia Burton 57:24
10. Jennifer Dempsey 57:50


Photo 1 Caption: In what was a dominant display Titan Racing’s Tiffany Keep raced away to her first 60km marathon title at the 2019 Illovo Eston Trail Challenge at the Eston Farmers Club on Sunday, 5 August, 2019. Photo: Anthony Grote/Gameplan Media


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