Dumisani Chauke Sets Sights on PhD

by | Jul 1, 2020

SPAR Proteas assistant coach, Dumisani Chauke is in a celebratory mood following the completion of her Post-Graduate Diploma in Sport Management from the Tshwane University of Technology.

Chauke made the announcement on Twitter:

“TUT’s first ever virtual graduation ceremony. Momma I did it. The hard work, commitment and late nights have paid off. And on to the next one. We ain’t stopping until the red gown, until the title changes from Miss to Dr.”

The graduation took place in a virtual ceremony due to the current lockdown restrictions which limit large gatherings.

Speaking with Celine Abrahams, Chauke highlighted her challenge in managing family, work and her studying schedule.

“Well, having to juggle my studies, work, family and still managing time for myself as well has been rather challenging, but it becomes easy when I prioritize and plan my time in advance in terms of knowing that all my home responsibilities are taken care of, then I make time for my work, the netball, and studies.

“Once you as a person learn to prioritize and plan properly you are able to carry out more. You are able to do more with your time unlike someone who doesn’t plan, nor prioritize.

“It is very important for us as human beings, especially us as women in sport to keep learning and empowering us.” – SPAR Proteas assistant coach, Dumisani Chauke.

Chauke admits that staying motivated wasn’t easy however the great relationship with her lecturers at the institution made the journey a lot better.

“It’s really hard to stay motivated but the nice thing with the Post-Graduate Diploma is that it was just a one-year course. So, it was nice and easy to know that I had 12 months to do this and I broke it down and took it one month at a time.

“I made sure that my work was done and submitted in advance. The nice thing with me is that I have really understanding lecturers at TUT.

“So, most of the time I would suggest submitting my work in advance or do my work in advance due to netball commitments or work would be hampering me from doing certain tasks.”

Education plays a very important part in Chauke’s life and she encourages young girls to continue to strive to better themselves academically.

“It is very important for us as human beings, especially us as women in sport to keep learning and empowering us,” she emphasised.

“I think, sometimes, we look at learning or furthering our studies as a daunting task and not actually looking at it as a positive thing because you should never stop learning. The moment you stop learning your mind becomes stagnant.”

“I would encourage young girls who are looking to strike a balance between furthering their education and having a successful career is to; one, surround yourself with people that are like-minded, two, it is very important to get a mentor in your industry. Someone who is going to guide you, someone who has been through it all and is able to help you, assist you and give you advice.”

Chauke is determined to continue with her studies and hopes to attain her PhD.

“I am not done yet! I have enrolled for a Master’s Degree in Marketing and once I obtain my Master’s, my eyes are set on getting a PhD either in Sport or in Marketing, so the road is not over yet, the journey still continues!”


 Photo 1 Caption: SPAR Proteas assistant coach, Dumisani Chauke, is in a celebratory mood as she completed her Post-Graduate Diploma in Sport Management from Tshwane University of Technology. Photo: Dumisani Chauke Twitter

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