Owning Your Success – in Sport and in Life

We live in a world where little boys grow up idolising over a multitude of male role models in sport. Watching them compete and win on global platform, while being celebrated the world over. Girls are not as lucky. When compared to boys and male sport, young girls are rarely presented with enough female role models in sport that encourage them to be competitive, confident and strong. And this is not a reflection of their talent or skill, but purely because the gap in how we feature and recognise women in sport is still so big.

This is why Momentum is proud to continue its partnership with the gsport Awards to celebrate and elevate the success of women in the sporting arena.

Why is this partnership the perfect fit?

Momentum launched a campaign called #SheOwnsHerSuccess – a movement that aims to inspire women to confidently celebrate their achievements. Chief Marketing Officer for Momentum Metropolitan Holdings, Nontokozo Madonsela, says that “women across the country are reaching incredible milestones, and achieving well beyond what we were taught was possible; and yet so many of us still don’t confidently embrace our success – instead, research shows that we tend to apologise for it”.

Madonsela firmly believes that women need to talk about their success without feeling like they are being arrogant or overconfident when they do so. “Sport is the perfect platform to get this message across because in sport, celebrating successes is part of the game. You score a goal, you celebrate. You cross the finish line, you celebrate. What’s more, everyone celebrates with you, which is what we should encourage in all facets of life, especially for women.”

How have women become so muted?

Head of Momentum Brand Marketing, Charlotte Nsubuga-Mukasa, says this gender bias is linked to many complex factors, like how women have been socialised, gender roles and culture, to name a few.

“The societal impact of this is that women are limited in their ability to win business deals, get the promotion they aim for or the relationships they desire. These are just some of the unintended consequences of not being bold about the amazing accomplishments we have achieved,” says Nsubuga-Mukasa.

Both Madonsela and Nsubuga-Mukasa agree that women should get more comfortable with proudly owning their success. “We must never equate owning our success with exaggerated arrogance or bragging, but we must do it to honour our gifts, talents, abilities and skills and be proud to share with the world what we excel in.?” says Madonsela.

Celebrating talented women from the boardroom to the sports field, Momentum is excited to once again partner with the gsport Awards to shine the spotlight on successful women in sport and every sphere. “This is not only a once off campaign for us, but an ethos we hope will be synonymous with our brand,” added Madonsela.

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