Embrace The Power of Recognition 

As we get closer to Momentum gsport Awards Day, gsport Founder, Kass Naidoo, writes a heartfelt letter to #gsport18 finalists, urging them to embrace the #PowerOfRecognition as they prepare to own their success come the big day! Photo: Meghan McCabe (c) gsport 2022

As the countdown to the highly anticipated Momentum gsport Awards continues, I want to take a moment to celebrate our #gsport18 finalists, each one of you. Your dedication, passion, and hard work have brought you to this moment, and it’s time to body own your success.

The #gsport18 campaign has been a testament to the incredible talent and achievements within women’s sport. Your stories have inspired and empowered not only fellow athletes but also countless individuals around the world. Your determination has shown us what it means to rise above challenges and reach for the stars.

As the big day approaches, I want to remind you of the #PowerOfRecognition. It’s more than just an accolade; it’s a validation of your tireless efforts and a celebration of your impact on the world of sports. You have earned this moment, and it’s time to bask in the glory of your achievements.

Here are three tips on how to embrace the recognition that is to come:

Acknowledge Your Achievements with Gratitude

Take a moment to reflect on your journey and the milestones you’ve achieved. Recognise the hard work, sacrifices, and dedication that have brought you to this point. Embrace the recognition with a sense of gratitude for the support, opportunities, and experiences that have shaped you as a woman in sport.

Celebrate Your Unique Journey

Your path to success is uniquely yours. Embrace the recognition as a validation of your individual journey, filled with ups, downs, lessons, and triumphs. Avoid comparing yourself to others; instead, celebrate the distinctive qualities and contributions that you bring to the world of sports. Your story is an inspiration in itself.

Use Your Platform for Positive Impact

Recognition brings with it a platform and a voice. Embrace this opportunity to use your influence for positive change. Advocate for causes you believe in, inspire the next generation of athletes, and contribute to the growth and empowerment of women’s sports. Recognise the responsibility that comes with recognition, and use it to make a meaningful impact.Surround yourself with positivity and soak in the support from your fellow finalists. Together, you represent a community of remarkable individuals who have shattered boundaries and blazed trails. Your collective achievements are a force to be reckoned with.

So, finalists, get ready to shine. Embrace the celebration of your success with open arms. You are not just athletes; you are beacons of inspiration, role models, and champions in every sense of the word.

Believe in yourself, for you have already made an indelible mark on the world of women’s sport. The Momentum gsport Awards are a testament to your greatness, and this Sunday is a moment to revel in it.

Own your success, celebrate your achievements, and let the world see the incredible power of recognition.

With unwavering support and admiration,


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