FAMEHERGAME – Esports Inclusivity Programme for Women

This initiative follows the announcement of the Good Game Promise in 2022, a football programme to change the scene for the better.

FIFAe launched FAMEHERGAME a new women’s inclusivity programme that aims to increase visibility and build grassroots opportunities while creating a safe space for women who participate and compete in the FIFAe ecosystem.

The programme aims to break down the boundaries that woman face in the gaming community and competitive scene.

Head of eFootball at FIFA’s headquarters Adrian Rölli says, “FIFAe is a platform where everyone can take part and compete on the highest level and fame their game on the biggest stage. We believe that by increasing opportunities for women, we can help build a more diverse and inclusive esports environment together with the community.”

One of the leading esports players Fabienne Morlok has welcomed this initiative, “esports is for everyone, and it’s time to showcase our skills to the world! With FIFAe’s support, we are looking forward to developing the women’s game and inspiring the next generation of aspiring players.”

“I’m calling all women out there to join us in writing history and challenging the status quo,” the star player added.

The programme has seen member associations around the world being empowered to run dedicated boot camps for women to join FIFAe and its communities.

One nominated player from each member association taking part in the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 will be invited to a FAMEHERGAME boot camp hosted by FIFAe later this year.

The programme is established on research conducted with women during the 2022 FIFAe Finals. Member associations from France, Morocco and South Africa have put their hands up to join the initiative and they will nominate a player each to join the boot camp in the coming months.

ECL Gaming, one of the leading FIFA esports organizations for women has been roped in to work closely with FIFAe. They will tell the untold stories of women to help create and shine the light on new roles models with the community, as well as inviting the best players from the respective leagues to the FAMEHERGAME boot camp.

To close-off the boot camp, participants will compete in a high-stakes tournament with a trip to the FIFA Women’s World Cup in July and August of 2023 in New Zealand and Australia.


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