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Lindsey Wright: Hockey’s Golden Girl

Having retired from the SA Women’s Hockey team in 2006, Lindsey Wright has now turned her attention to coaching, specifically helping Shelley Russell at the Investec Hockey Academy. Wright was the first South African Women’s hockey player to reach 200 games, retiring after her 209th international cap. We caught up with her to ask her more about her coaching.

“I am privileged to come from a very sporting family who has achieved national awards. The most honorable one was sharing captain roles: at exactly the same time when my younger brother, Stuart, captained the Zimbabwe cricket team, I captained SA at hockey. This has been mentioned on national quiz shows as something unusual. Two family members who captained a profiled sport in two different countries at the same time!”

When asked what makes the Investec Hockey Academy such a class act, Lindsey replies that it’s not only the company driving the academy that makes it successful, but also the former players that partake in the coaching element,

“It’s in a class of its own; firstly because it has a top South African company like Investec supporting the initiative which gives it credibility from the onset. Alongside that, it has top players and coaches from around our country contributing to the courses which makes it really interesting for the players attending as they are able to gain knowledge from so many quality individuals who have all played or coached at the highest level.

20150925LindseyWright“The courses are run on a consistent basis around the country so it shows sustainability and has South African hockey at heart. It provides a national camp-like environment, which exposes the players to a wide range of top end skills by our well-respected coaching staff as well as additional elements such as visual and mental training skills and nutritional talks.

The former Olympian goes on to explain the role that mentors play in the game: “The game does not get much media exposure in South African so it’s important that our top end players and coaches use other opportunities such as the Investec Hockey Academy to expose themselves to the large numbers that actually play the game of hockey at grass roots level.

“Providing this opportunity through the Academy allows the players who attend to come into contact with their heroes / heroines. This can have a major impact on a young hockey player’s life and their future in the sport.”

In terms of those players that make great coaches, Lindsey believes that every player that’s been exposed to the international hockey stage would have great tips for up and coming players as they themselves have experienced the pressure and intensity of the game at the highest level.

“It’s great to see so many of our current national hockey players keen to be a part of the coaching staff. They bring with them a different coaching perspective to the modern day technical skills, adding greater depth to what they already know.

“What is really exciting is to see past players such as Pietie Coetzee-Turner and Tswanelo Pholo starting to move into the coaching realms of the SA structures or school system. They are having an enormous effect on our younger generation of players and are having great results.”

Before closing, Lindsey tells us that the greatest advice she’s ever received is from her dad, “He told me if I wanted to be a great hockey player I should “never cut the corners” when I trained.

“I made sure I didn’t, and it was key to my success. My mom also gave me good advice which I try to give to my daughter now. She advised me that I ‘should never stop trying, because you never know what you can achieve’.

“There are a lot of kids out there that stop trying when it gets a little tough. My advice is to push through because, if you can break through it, there is a whole lot of good on the other side that will equip you for life.”


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