Mama Joy is one of the most famous sports supporters in South Africa. Now, she is up for the inaugural gsport Supporter of the Year award and she is committing to shout for women’s sport, too.

In a quick interview with gsport, she spoke about her love for sport and how she has become one of the most famous faces in the stands at local football games.


Mama Joy, how did you become one of the most famous sports supporters in South Africa?

By supporting pirates and going to all the games, wearing a nice outfit to represent my team and the cameras recognised me.

Where does your love for football come from?

My love for football come from home where my brother Denis had areas so I supported the team also at school I was a netball captain so I was also supporting soccer at Shingwedzi High School.

You are not just a football supporter; you are a true SA supporter. What makes you proud to be South African?

The love I have for my country made me support all national teams including rugby, cricket, etc.

What makes a good supporter?

To be a good supporter, you have to support your team win or lose.

What is the best sports event you have ever attended?

2010 world cup, especially the opening game vs Mexico,  I won’t forget it the vibe in our country.

Who is your favourite SA sportswoman?

Thandi Merafe! Working at a big team like pirates comes with pressure. The way she handles pressure and just enjoys the work she’s doing, not complaining. She is a strong woman.

Can we count on your support for SA women’s sport?

You can count on me! 100 percent!


Photo 1 caption:  One of the most famous sports supporters in South Africa, Mama Joy is a finalist in gsport’s inaugural Supporter of the Year Award. Photo: Supplied