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by | Aug 12, 2015

Reabetswe Mashigo is the only double finalist in the 2015 SPAR gsport Awards. She is shortlisted for the Women in Media (Print) Award and the Women in Media (Social Media) Award.

This bubbly and talented young journalist is already making waves in the media space.

She spoke to gsport about being a double Award finalist and how she has made a name for herself at such a young age.

Reabetswe, how does it feel to be a double nominee for a gsport Award?

I feel truly honoured because I’m the only women whose nominated twice, and it’s really a big deal judging how young I actually am.

What is it like being a woman in sports media?

Being a woman in Sports Media is hard because you constantly have to prove to people that you’re actually good at what you do, you’re not just a pretty face or air head but you actually know your craft however it’s absolutely fun; you get to report and watch all your favourite sporting codes and get to meet the athlete which is really cool. I love what I do.

What have been some of your biggest career successes to date?

My biggest success was actually when I was 18 years old, I got my first national sports article published at the City Press Newspaper and it was about Mapaseka Makhanya. I was also a presenter at TUTfm that was a humbling moment for me.

Reabetswe Mashigo urges all interested in sports reporting to give it a full, go, and to do ardent job-shadowing to crack the door open. Photo: gsportYou have been shortlisted in the print and social media categories? Which do you enjoy more?

I enjoy the Print Division because that’s the one I actually want to get, I’m still a bit shocked that I’m nominated in two categories, I never expected the social Media One but thank God it just shows that I’m doing something right and people are taking note.

How did you learn your trade?

Apart from studying Journalism at TUT the Sports Editor of City Press Sbusiso Mseleku and the likes of Khanyiso Tshwako pruned me to excellence on the dynamics of Sports Reporting.

I was also an avid Kick Off reader before I realised that my heart is actually  with Cricket and Basketball. Going to watch all the games (cricket, soccer, and rugby) also hooked me. My debates on twitter and in the journalism class with my fellow Sports journo fundi’s about sports equipped me.

What is your advice to aspiring women in sports media?

Find what sport makes you tick and go out there and start reporting about it, don’t be afraid to fail because these no success story that hasn’t had a hurdle or hiccup along the way. Job-shadow sports media houses. I started job shadowing City Press at 17, and now I’m an employee there!

What do you love most about the gsport Awards?

I love the fact that all these awards are promoting women excellence and it’s great to know that there’s such a platform that doesn’t side-line women, but actually embraces them.

How can we raise the profile of women’s sport in SA?

We need the media to actually start reporting about women’s sport. It’s upsetting to know that women’s sport is excelling and putting South Arica on the map but Corporate SA would rather invest in men’s sport. They need to start taking a risk.


Photo 1 caption: Despite all the hurdles that confront women in sports media, 2015 gsport Awards double nominee Reabetswe Mashigo loves what she does, and encourages others to give it a go, if they think they can make it in sports media. Photo: Supplied

Photo 2 caption: Reabetswe Mashigo urges all interested in sports reporting to give it a full, go, and to do ardent job-shadowing to crack the door open. Photo: gsport

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