gsport and Flash Sponsorship Agree to Part Ways

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The gsport initiative has announced it has parted ways with commercial agents, Flash Sponsorship, after a fruitful 10 months that has seen both parties work together to boost the business of women’s sport in South Africa.

The parting of ways comes as Flash Sponsorship focusses on new business interests.

gsport and Flash Sponsorship partnered in March 2021 to address the lack of business acumen needed to commercialise women’s sport and together concluded nine deals to boost the growth of the gsport initiative.

Founder of gsport, Kass Naidoo, said: “It has been a hard working few months and we have enjoyed working with Flash Sponsorship. We wish them well on their latest business developments and thank them for their contribution to the growth of gsport.

“From a commercial perspective, gsport has never been in a healthier space, and we are excited to work closely with our partners to deliver on their rights and continue building South African women’s sport.

“Over the past two years, gsport has been blooding women’s sport leaders and we are confident of the team’s ability to build on the excellent commercial advancements achieved over the past few months.”


Stock Photo: Envato Elements


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