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by | May 29, 2019

Pushing Through The Pain To Attain Academic Excellence

“The following diploma is awarded, Cum Laude!!!”

Hearing those words were a dream that came true. Three years of hard work, lack of sleep, a lot of coffee for energy and endless amount of support turned into something so many can just dream of. I actually did it.

It was not an easy journey but it was absolutely worth it. The past three years was a rollercoaster ride I will never forget…

I started my first year at TUT in 2016, in the Faculty of Science, studying Sport and Exercise Technology. The ultimate goal was to become a biokineticist. 

Road Blocks to Dreams Bring a Swift Change in Direction 

In August, my dreams got shattered when we were no longer allowed to complete our BTech in Biokineticist due to the change in curriculum. A swift change in courses, with a lot of help, got me to start my second year in Sport Management in 2017.

The year started off very hard with a new course and many new faces. It was very tough but I managed to make friends quickly. 

During a camp in May another disaster struck… I tore my ACL in my knee and I was booked off for six weeks. I had to await an operation and missed another 6 weeks of classes. That in total is my whole second semester. 

“With great support from my parents and lecturers I managed to finish another year with an average above 80%.” – Anouschka Swart

My finale year was a blast. I managed to get a CATHSSETA internship where I learned quite a number of skills. Being a CATHSSETA gsport TUTMLS intern came at the perfect time in 2018. It helped me improve in so many ways.

I also got involved in volunteering with a lot of sports on campuses. I grew as a writer and I also took up photography again, which has improved incredibly. 

I finished my final year with a big bang and managed to secure my cum laude by finishing all 3 years with averages above 80%.

People ask me if I ever regret transferring courses. 

“A lot of hard work and commitment goes into making your dreams a reality” – – Anouschka Swart

Yes, sometimes I do miss the medicine aspects of sport, but if I hadn’t transferred I would have never learned about the various fields that are available out there, and what a huge difference I can still make whether I play sports or not.

Now doing my Advanced Diploma in Sport Management takes a lot of commitment. Not only that but I also currently work at BSS Events where we manage events and conferences. I am also a team manager at the TUT Rugby. 

One of the big highlights so far was organising and managing a successful Miss TUT Varsity Shield 2019. The biggest improvement this year was also my sports photography that has changed a lot, and became one of my star traits.

A lot of hard work and commitment goes into making your dreams a reality, but it is worth the effort. Who knows what else this year might hold?


Photo 1 caption: TUT MLS Cum Laude graduate and gsport Internship alumni Anouschka Swart blogs about her path to academic success. Photo: Supplied

Photo 1 caption: Swart pictured with fellow intern Toloana Peu and gsport Founder Kass Naidoo at the Duke University-sponsored MMC18, at the Dimension Date Campus in Johannesburg, on 4 August, 2018.  Photo: gsport

Photo 1 caption: With an average exceeding 80% in her three years of study, Swart was elated to graduate Cum Laude. Photo: Supplied


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