How Does Sport Empower Young Women?

2023 – FIFA Women’s World Cup, ICC U19 T20 Women’s World Cup, ICC T20 Women’s World Cup…the year of women’s sport. As we grow, we continue the search for newfound passions and look to ignite old ones. Our pursuits in life begin from a young age. As young girls we are empowered to be successful when we are older, and the biggest spotlight for us shines on sport.

Joining a club could possibly be the best thing you can do as a young girl. Many women start to gain confidence from a young age when they become involved in sport. This confidence grows and makes our young girls realize they do not have to settle for anything less than the best. Being part of a club helps empower young girls as they begin to feel like they are a part of something, something bigger than them, but most importantly, somewhere they belong and can grow.

Girls that are involved in sport also have incredible self-esteem. Once girls feel like they can accomplish the smallest task or get over their first setback that they never thought they would, they feel better about themselves. This comes from recognition and feedback. As a sportswoman, you are consistently getting feedback from teammates and coaches. Be it recognition or constructive criticism, it teaches young girls to be driven, while empowering them to be better.

Building Life Skills

Involving your daughter in sport will empower her by building life skills. Showing up to practice, picking herself up when she falls and supporting and helping her teammates will build her character and make her reliable. Not only are these skills important and the right attitude to have in sport, but these are also excellent life skills to have, regardless of your situation.

Due to the lack of coverage of women’s sport in the past few years, being involved in a sport’s team teaches girls at a young age to be patient and that not everything in life comes easy. While extremely frustrating, it also makes us women that much more successful. Always being told “no” or having to wait longer than we should just grows the desire to prove people wrong and cement our place as women.


Sport also ensures development. As we all know, young women still have a lot of development to do before they become adults. Participating in sport helps young women by developing them both mentally and physically. If a girl of a young age can learn the importance of making the right decision and learning when to listen to her body, she will have a strong mindset and she will not let anything, or anyone stand in her way from achieving her goals. She will know what she is capable of and will learn when to say no to things that do not benefit her.

Recent times, however, have shown the class of women athletes to the point that it cannot be ignored. Women have been dominating the sport scene and their success has not been adequately recognized. In 2022, the success of women’s sport was incredibly difficult to ignore when we saw our own athletes make international news. This shows our young girls the resilience that experienced athletes have, and that it does pay off. A lot of these women are role models to young girls and who did not want to be exactly like their role model growing up?

Sport empowers young women in many ways. It teaches us how to deal with loss, winning, and it humbles you, providing you with the opportunity to learn from your own mistakes. It also teaches us that there is always room for growth and improvement. I cannot wait to see how our current sports stars use their skills and knowledge to empower our younger women.


By gsport Intern, Jessica De Lira

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