Thank you for supporting the 2019 gsport Awards Finalists, who represent among the cream of SA women in sport – They deserve our sincere appreciation and respect!


The gsport Awards is endorsed by Sport and Recreation South Africa as our nation’s annual platform to honour SA women in sport, and you can help make this one of the most memorable events in their lives. 

Please DM us @gsport4girls on Twitter with your contact details and the error you experience – or email us below – if you experience any difficulty accessing or voting in the 2019 gsport Voting Hall.

With your support, every Finalist stands a chance to walk onto the #gsport13 stage to win an Award come 31 August, 2019. There are 18 gsport Awards categories to vote in, with three Finalists per category. Click here to read their citations, and to vote for them. 

Your public vote will count 20% in the final determination of each category winner, the remaining 80% is contributed by the 2019 gsport Awards Judges Panel.

Scroll Down to Read: 5 things to bear in mind as you prepare to support your Finalists
Scroll Down to Read: Voting is as Easy as 1-2-3
Scroll Down to Read: Voting Rules

In a move to encourage Finalists to lobby their supporter base to vote for them in the Voting Hall, the Finalist who does not win their Award Category, but who gains the most public votes across all categories, will win the Public Choice Award.

For the peace of mind gsport Awards voters, gsport’s Competition Term and Conditions applies, all votes and voting patterns will be strictly monitored and audited, and illegitimate efforts to gain an unfair advantage for a Finalist will be immediately sanctioned. Please contact gsport below if you have any reason to be concerned.

Further, gsport values its members’ privacy expectations highly, and vouches not to use your personal details for any purpose other than the conduct of the 2019 gsport Awards, without your explicit consent.

In its efforts to ensure best-of-industry privacy protections for its members, gsport hosts with leading SA ISP Hetzner on a dedicated server, and applies a domain-level SSL-certificate to authenticate its bona fides.

5 things to bear in mind as you prepare to support your Finalists:

  1. Only logged-in gsport members are able to vote (Free membership on registration)
  2. One point = 1 vote
  3. You get 3 points each day for logging in
  4. You can earn additional points by interacting in the gsport Community (Details below)
  5. Voting in the gsport Awards is FREE! (Apart from your data to access

Voting is as Easy as 1-2-3:

1. Visit, click on Community 
2. Register by email, or automatically via Facebook or Twitter (Just click the icon)
3. Login to earn your points, and start voting to support your Finalists!

Please Note: If you are registering a new gsport membership using your email address (instead of your Facebook or Twitter profile), please be sure to activate your registration by clicking on the link in the email sent to you (or copy and paste the link into your browser) – Only then will you receive your points for logging in, and be able to vote.

Voting Rules:
1. Membership is freely available to anyone (Strictly 1 gsport membership per person)
2. A member gains 3 points daily for logging in
3. The 3 daily points must be used to vote in 3 different voting categories
4. More votes can be earned by meeting Achievements (Details here)
5. A member must have at least 4 points to vote in the same category twice a day
6. No matter how many points you’ve earned, you cannot vote more than twice in the same category per day

How to Gain Bonus Points to Vote More Every Day:

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