Kovsies Edge UJ in Sudden Death Encounter

by | May 3, 2019

60 minutes of Varsity Hockey play was not enough as Kovsies and UJ squared out to a 1-1 draw at fulltime. The match proceeded to showdowns where both teams drew once again, 3-3. It was Kovsies who put the final nail in the coffin with a 2-1 lead over UJ in sudden death.

The game between these two competitive sides got underway with a brilliant defence by UJ who survived five consecutive short corners early in the first half.

It was only a matter of time before UJ succumbed to the barrage of short corners by Kovsies. In the 23rd minute, Kovises’ Antonet Louw slotted the first goal of the game with a perfect flick to take hold of a 1-0 lead.

UJ were looking to capitalise on their use of the power play in the third quarter in order to narrow their 1-0 gap. Each team receives one power play per match. When they do so, two of their opposition players must leave the field and any goals scored by the team who called for the power play are doubled.

UJ could not have asked for a better start to the final quarter as Jivanka Kruger slapped in a goal during an Orange Army short corner to equalise, the scores at 1-1.

UJ had the opportunity to clinch a last minute 2-1 win when they were awarded a short corner, but it was not to be.

Since Varsity Hockey does not settle for draws, the match went down to showdowns. Each team selects five of their players to do one-on-ones with the opposition keeper in which they receive 8 seconds to score a goal. The match was locked at 3-3 during showdowns when the referees then called for sudden death, where Kovsies edged UJ 2-1.


FNB Player of the Match: Olin Heraldine
Mugg & Bean Star Saver: Nadia Mattana
MTN Connect Award: Phia Gerber

UJ: 1
Jivanka Kruger
Kovsies: 1
Antonet Louw

 Nadia Mattana 1, Paula Rebelo 23, Jivanka Kruger 10, Phia Gerber 7, Lethabo Nkoe 16, Dinisha Coopoosamy 2, Tanika Schram 11, Celine Da Silva 3, Kristen Paton 8, Zeena Martin 4, Demi Harmse 13, Kelly Hewitt 18, Lisa Hawker, Gabriella Terblanche 14, Kaylim Bowers 15, Tenika Kriel 12, Thato May 5, Pauline Jacobs 6.

Kovsies: Wiane Grobler 1, Chane Hartel 2, Mikayla Clasasen 4, Anke Badenhorst 5, Casey Jean Botha 6, Shindré-Lee Simmons 7, Esté Van Schalkwyk 8, Nadia Van Staden 9, Antonet Louw 10, Michelle Ngoetjane 11, Olin Heraldine 12, Lizanne Jacobs 13, Refilwe Ralikontsane 15, Mielanka Van Schalkwyk 16, Nela Mbedu 17, Simoné Gouws 18, Frances Louw 20, Kia-Leigh Erasmus 23


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