Life’s Success Is Based On Dreams That Never Fade – Part 3

by | Apr 17, 2019

Name: Selina Munsamy

Province: KwaZulu Natal

Sports Administration Level: KZN Scorer, Tongaat Cricket Union’s Co-Opt Executive Member, Mini Cricket Coordinator and Scorer


3rd and final Blog: Life’s successes are built on dreams that never fade:

This is the third and final part of my account of a woman in a male-dominated sport – Click here to read part 1 and Click here to read part 2.


So how does one actually get back into the swing of things after a two and half year break? Do I just waltz back and pick up where I left off? Lol, trust me when I say “If I were a boy” it would have been that easy, but unfortunately for me I am female.

As a female in an industry that favours men, you have to work every step of the way for what you want and if you don’t, if you just let everyone go over you like a “freight train” so to speak, you will never achieve what you want in life. When you achieve that dream on your own strength, it is the best feeling in the world and no one can ever take that away from you.

In saying that, I had to work 10x harder at being scorer again, cause there will always be people that will never approve of you because you are female, people that will make you feel bad for having achieved what they could not even though they are given the same opportunities as you, but you have to be strong and keep your head up and work every day no matter how tough it gets.

I was lucky in the sense that I had met Dev Govindjee in June 2012, who is a match referee with International Cricket Council and Cricket South Africa. He was someone who had also played a formidable role in my journey as scorer and mini cricket coordinator.

Uncle Dev as I call him, used to always encourage me to never give up on my dreams and to always work hard and never let anyone get me down. If I could do that, then all that I wanted will be achieved in the end.

So I took courage from that and started to practise my scoring by watching games on tv when I could not et to local cricket. Watching a game on tv and scoring is one of the hardest things you can do especially when you are cheering your team on, but …

“When you want something bad enough you do whatever it takes.”

It meant late nights and there used to be times I used to be so tired from work, I would be falling asleep but having a cup of tea would do the trick and I was good to complete my game. Times change and rules changed. You always have to keep up with changes as you might get caught on the wrong foot, so reading was the best way especially when you are trying to find your feet again and I always had Uncle Dev and Dinesha to go back to with queries and being the curious cat that I am, I always asked questions.

Dinesha Devnarain has been part of my journey and I am ever so grateful for having her as my mentor and friend. Guess we are going to change how the world views women in cricket, lol.

Scoring the 2018 U19 Girls National Week after 4yrs was a really special week for me. It was the 1st ever ALL FEMALE scoring and umpiring team on the Girls Week. I met some really amazing females from all over the country. Some whom I had met from my 1st U19 week back in 2012, where still scoring. So it was good to see everyone and be part of a really amazing week.

I saw some special girls display their skills and, boy-oh-boy, did my KZN Coastal team give me stress on the last game of the week! I actually stood and scored that last over of their game against Western Province, lol.

“You have no idea how excited everyone was at that point in time!”

Everyone and I mean literally everyone including the scorer manager and accessor where out watching this game, it could have gone either way. Hit it for 4 and WP wins, hold on for 2 balls and KZN Coastal win.

Now when I say being a scorer is hard, this was scoring under pressure and displaying all your emotions for your team. When KZN Coastal won I was punching the air and shouting for my girls on the field. Being scorer you enjoy the highs and lows of your teams, their wins and losses and off course you laugh and cry together.

You watch amazing cricket and you see some awesome talent come through the ranks.

Do I have the right to be proud and happy for having achieved all that I have? YES I do, as I fought every step of the way and I worked hard in between having a professional career. Long hours, late nights, crying and having a stress melt down and coming back from losing the most important person in my life who was my biggest supporter was definitely worth it.

No one did me any favours and that is what makes my achievement all the more sweeter. Do I have the right to wear my Provincial Colours? Actually no, it is NOT a right BUT rather a PRIVILEGE and HONOR in more ways than you can imagine. So I am proud and honoured to say I earned that PRIVILEGE to wear my Provincial Colours.

My journey has taught me that whether you are male or female, you have the right to achieve your goals in life. No one and I mean NO ONE has the right to tell you otherwise. Being female I have this to say, remember who you are.

“You are a daughter, a sister, a mother, and wife, but most importantly you ARE YOU.”

Life is hard, but you are made of sterner stuff. You are a Queen with the heart of a Lioness and the attitude of a Warrior Princess out on the battle field.  You can have the best of everything, the family, the professional career and the sporting career, but you have to want it bad enough and you have to constantly tell yourself that YOU ARE WORTHY OF HAVING IT ALL.

Remain humble and never forget your roots or the people that stood by you.

It may seem like my journey has ended, but it has just begun and I can gladly say I get to live the next chapter of my cricket career, and every other aspect of life knowing I earned that honour to live my life in the best possible way with the most amazing people that I am lucky enough to have. I hope you are brave enough to do as I have done.

Always remember that Life’s Success Is Based On Dreams That Never Fade, So Live Your Dream Before It Becomes Just A Dream ….


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